Murray Protea Collection

January 26-March 11, 2007
The Grover E. and Sally M. Murray Protea Paintings Collection
The floral watercolor paintings of New Zealand artist, Zoë Carter.
Opening reception: Friday, January 26, 7-9 pm. open to the public.

This collection of floral watercolors by New Zealand watercolor painter, Zoë Carter was recently donated to the University by Lubbock resident Sally M. Murray, widow of Grover E. Murray. Half of this collection was shown at the Texas Tech University Museum in the mid-1990's, but this will be the first time all 154 paintings will been seen together. These paintings were originally produced for publication in two scientific studies of Protea species, Proteas of the World (1993) and South African Proteaceae in New Zealand (1983), both by Lewis Mathews. The Proteaceae family is a diverse group of plants native to the southern hemisphere. They have been portrayed at life size with meticulous detail by Zoë Carter, and will be of equal interest to both art lover and botanist. Because of the scientific nature of this work, it is being framed with the intention of eventually being on permanent display in the halls of UTPB's newly approved Science and Technology Building. This exhibit is made possible by the special contribution of Sally M. Murray and her late husband, Grover E. Murray.


742-13003-protea-nerufolia-16-5x14-1999 742-12910-grevillia-juncifolia-13-5x-17-5-2002
742-12921-hakea-vicoriae-16x13-2002 742-12968-macademia-tetaphylla-13x16-5-1995
742-13026-sugar-n-spice-17x13-5-1996 vinyl-and-flowers