Student heating a test tub in the chemistry lab

Most of the chemistry department's analytical instruments are located in ST 1211, 1217, 1235, and 1241. The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, ST 1211, provides the special environment necessary for a liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cooled superconducting magnet. The majority of the larger analytical instruments are located in the chemistry department's Analytical Instruments Labs, with organic related instruments in ST 1217 and inorganic instruments in ST 1235.

At UTPB a significant difference exists regarding student access to instrumentation. Once the theory and operation of an instrument has been introduced in a lab class, all students have unlimited "hands-on" use of these instruments. Most instrument instruction is provided in the Org. Chem. II lab course CHEM 3114 and in the Analytical Chemistry lab CHEM 3225. Upper-level classes on each particular type of instrumental technology are offered as chemistry electives in conjunction with continuing research courses.