Ballet Folklorico performance

Ballet Folklorico

Historically Ballet Folklorico, pioneered by Amalia Hernández in Mexico in the late 1950s, depicted dances from indigenous groups across Mexico, reflecting the nation’s diverse history from pre-Columbus era to modern times through distinctive costumes and dance styles.

UTPB Folklorico has been a part of the University for over 20 years. The team has grown in many ways. The one thing that has always remained the same is students’ passion and love for sharing the Hispanic culture through dance. UTPB offers a Ballet Folklorico scholarship for eligible students.

In order to receive a scholarship, students must try out for the team and must attend required course, practices and performances.

To schedule a performance of the Ballet Folklorico contact the Office of Senior Associate Vice President for Student Services at (432) 552-2600. If your interested in joining the team contact instructor Krisandra Skeens.

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