Workforce Development

At The University of Texas Permian Basin, we aspire to engage all undergraduate and graduate students in research projects and prepare students for their careers in STEM areas. The research projects, faculty mentors and instrumentation utilized by the NRC strengthens their knowledge and proficiency. Further, it will provide a real world training platform to train students in research methods, data analysis, problem-solving, project-management, time-management, and communication skills. These transferable skills will make UTPB science students competitive, and qualified for high-level employment in regional companies or excellent graduate and professional school candidates.

The NRC provides consulting, method development, training, analytical and customized services for Biologic, chemical, geologic issues.

  • Chemical consulting, research and development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Hydrogeology
  • Paleoecology
  • Analytical method development
  • Water analysis, chemical & biological
  • Petroleum Chemistry
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Microbiology
    • Microbiology analysis of E. coli, fecal coliform and total coli form
    • Analysis of E. coli, fecal coliform and total coliform (drinking water, well and groundwater, waste water, recreational waters, chemical processing applications
  • Hourly Instrument use and training
  • Monitoring volatiles, SO2, allergens, and airborne particles