Academic Coach Request

UTPB has partnered with Instructional Connections, an instructional support service company, to offer Academic Coaches for qualifying online courses. Academic Coaches are an extension of UTPB faculty and will deliver the following:

  • Assistance in grading assignments.
  • Participation in discussion threads. 
  • Monitoring student participation and student success. 
  • Assistance in sending communications to students through UTPB faculty.

To qualify for an Academic Coach, an online course must have a minimum student enrollment of

  • 60 students for an undergraduate course. 
  • 40 students for a graduate course. 

Note: If you believe the course will meet the minimum student enrollment, and you would like to use one, please request an Academic Coach to ensure one is available by the class start date. 

Point of Contact

Faculty with qualifying online courses must request an Academic Coach through the PeopleSoft portal. 

If you have any questions, please email falcononline@utpb.edu.

Timeframe for Requesting an Academic Coach

Please review the start dates for upcoming terms and sessions within the Academic Calendar.

  • When should I submit a request? An Academic Coach Request should be submitted 4-6 weeks before a course start date. Requesting an Academic Coach early does not mean you will be assigned one if the student enrollment does not meet the required threshold by the course start date. 
  • When will the request form close? Academic Coach Requests submitted within 2 weeks before, on, or after the start date will not be fulfilled.