Full-Time Course Sequence

Master of Science in Athletic Training Degree Plan

Semester Full 16wk  1st 8week  2nd 8week 
Summer I - 8hours

ATTR 6310 Functional Anatomy 

ATTR 6220 Introduction to Patient Assessment 

ATTR 6325 Emergency Procedures and Acute Care**

Fall I - 13 hours ATTR 6295 Clinical Experience I – 2sch

ATTR 6230 Orthopedic Pathophysiology 2sch

ATTR 6340 Analysis of Movement 3sch*

ATTR 6410 Assessment and Management I 4sch

ATTR 6250 Foundations of Therapeutic Interventions 2sch

Spring I - 13 hours

ATTR 6420 Assessment and Management II 4sch

ATTR 6260 Healthcare Informatics 2sch

ATTR6230 Concepts of Behavioral Health 2sch**

ATTR6330 Transcultural Healthcare 3sch

ATTR 6296 Clinical Experience II – 2sch
Summer II - 5 hours

ATTR 6297 Clinical Experience III – 2sch

ATTR 6375 Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice - 3sch

Fall II - 11 hours

ATTR 6430 Assessment and Management III 4sch

ATTR 6440 Assessment and Management of non-ortho cond 4sch

ATTR 6185 Exam Preparation I 1sch

ATTR 6298 Clinical Experience IV 2 sch

Spring II - 6 hours

ATTR 6186 Exam Preparation II 1sch

ATTR6390 Leadership and Transition to Practice 3sch***

ATTR 6299 Clinical Experience V 2sch

Elective courses:

ATTR6385 Human Factors in Ergonomics
ATTR6395 Ergonomic Applications
ATTR6465 Manual Therapy