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Data Analytics in Engineering Certificate

Graduate Engineering Certificate in Data Analytics

Data Analytics in Engineering is designed to meet the current and projected workforce skills
demand. This certificate program offers students an opportunity to train for industry opportunities
and acquire rigorous analytical skills for graduate programs. The program prepares students with
engineering, science, mathematics, and statistics backgrounds as advanced data analytics
professionals and researchers who can transform large data streams into understandable and
actionable assets for informed business decisions. Students can discover previously unknown
patterns hidden deep inside the mountains of data. In this program, students will learn critical
techniques to design and gain knowledge in data mining, statistical essentials, machine learning
methods, and data visualization. These are the foundations of successful information search,
predictive analysis, intelligent personalization, and many other technology-based solutions to
significant problems in business and science.

A total of 12 credits is required to complete this certification. This program is designed so that
credit can be stackable towards gaining a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a
Master of Science in Engineering.

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