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MBA - Finance

Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance


MBA with Finance Emphasis Degree Requirements

MBA with Finance Emphasis Degree Plan

33-36 hours for BBA**, 42 hours for non-BBA

Core Courses (12 credit hours)

  • ACCT 6301: Accounting Analysis
  • FINA 6320: Financial Management
  • MNGT 6360: Organizational Behavior
  • MRKT 6310: Marketing Management

Courses Beyond Core (21 credit hours)

  • MNGT 6320: Production & Operations Management
  • ACCT 6302 Contemporary Control Systems
  • MNGT 6301: Legal Environment of Business
  • FINA 6321: Corporate Finance and Strategy
  • BUSI 6302: Business Data Analytics
  • MNGT 6366: Strategic Management
  • BUSI 6325: International Business
Any 3 of the following Finance Electives:
  • FINA 6325: Financial Derivatives
  • FINA 6327: Investments 
  • FINA 6330: International Finance
  • FINA 6331: Energy Finance
  • FINA 6335: Energy Investment and Risk Management

**Waiver Policy: Students with an academic business background may waive up to three core courses, decreasing the program to as few as 33 credit hours using the criteria below:

Core Course Policy for Waiver

  • ACCT 6301 6 hrs of accounting, including financial & managerial with a "B" or better.
  • FINA 6320 6 hrs of upper division finance with a "B" or better. Must include FINA 3320 or equivalent. 
  • MNGT 6360 6 hrs of upper division management with a "B" or better. Must include MNGT 3310 or equivalent.
  • MRKT 6310 6 hrs of upper division marketing with a "B" or better. Must include MRKT 3300 or equivalent.

Preparation Courses: Upon admission (regular and conditional), students will be evaluated for statistical literacy. Students who need additional skills in this area are referred to BUSI 2342 or MATH 6301 (statistical literacy) until literacy requirement is fulfilled. Statistical literacy (BUSI 2342 or MATH 6301) must be remedied in the first semester in which the student is accepted into the MBA program and must be taken before the student enrolls in ACCT 6301, BUSI 6302, FINA 6320, MNGT 6366, MRKT 6302, FINA 6321 or electives in accounting, finance, management, or marketing.