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The Aerospace Engineering Track under the Mechanical Engineering program is designed to combine broad engineering disciplines with knowledge of engineering principles specific to the aerospace industry. A degree in mechanical engineering with the aerospace engineering track will prepare graduates for work in airframe, spacecraft, and aero-engine industries as well as governmental agencies that regulate, acquire, and use aerospace vehicles. The program is further intended to adequately prepare students for graduate work in aerospace engineering. Students in this track take courses in aerodynamics, aircraft stability and control, aerospace structures, propulsion, and aerospace engineering lab. 

Careers for Mechanical Engineering – Aerospace Track Majors

Earning a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace will set you up for a career in many areas, including:

  • Aircraft/Spacecraft designer
  • Data processing manager
  • Military aerospace engineer
  • Aerospace technician
  • Mission specialist

Degree Requirements

  • Students must complete 126 semester credit hours to earn a BS in mechanical engineering.
  • A minor is not required for a BS in mechanical engineering.
  • Students must complete 23 semester credit hours of lower division engineering pre-requisites before moving on to upper level courses.

BS in Mechanical Engineering Requirements

  • Students are required to complete 54 semester credit hours of upper-level courses.
  • Since all students seeking a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering are required to take a cross-section of courses from a variety of engineering disciplines, the College does not award double majors.
  • Students must complete the following courses: AERO 3320, AERO 4250, AERO 4310, AERO 4330 and AERO 4340.