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Theatre Program

Conceive. Produce. Create.

If you have ever acted in a play or musical—or worked behind the scenes—you know how much work it takes to put a production together.

Creating a theatrical production is the shared dream of a team working in concert.

UTPB Students

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Why Theatre at UTPB?

Gold Book


Supplement your major for just 18 credit hours

Gold Microphone


Move to related work: stage manager, film director, etc.

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 Entertainment industry jobs are projected to grow

Why should I study theatre?

Theatre at UT Permian Basin takes a deep look at plays, dramatic structure, and the creative and practical aspects of theatre performance and production.

Knowledge of performing arts gives you an edge in many professions where an imagination, public speaking skills, event planning, and working within budgets are valued skills and abilities.

What are my job prospects?

As a theater minor your career options are bound only by your dreams. You can work in professions like event planning, fundraising, human resources, marketing, and more.

Benefit from a program created for your passion for musicals, straight plays, performance art, and storytelling.

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

Develop your skills in such areas as acting, 3D-design, and stage craft.

Learn theatre appreciation and what it takes to conceive and produce stage productions—taking cues from the best throughout history.

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