Traveling With Friends and Family

It is often a comfort to bring friends or family when you make a university trip, and it’s often an opportunity for them to experience a new part of the world while you’re working or taking class abroad. There are a few important policies to be aware of when you are traveling with friends and family.

Policies for Friends/Families Accompanying University Employees on Official University Travel

  • When possible, advise guests to register with STEP (U.S. State Department).
  • When possible, inform guests that they are not covered by university insurance.
  • When possible, inform guests that they not are not covered by ISOS and recommend they purchase supplemental coverage.
  • Individual ISOS memberships are available for purchase via the UT/ISOS website, which gives a 20% discount.

    See https://www.internationalsos.com/members_home/login/login.cfm.

    (Must use Membership # 11BSGC000037.)