Pre-Trip Planning

The UTPB Study Abroad Program wants every student and faculty member engaged in international education to have a safe trip and return to the States. We encourage all institutional travelers to participate in contingency planning months before the actual trip is planned.

Sample Study Abroad Preparation Checklist

  • Current Passport
  • Housing While Abroad (and what happens with your current housing while away)
  • Financial Aid
  • Health Insurance
  • Physical Examination
  • International SOS card
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Understand Travel Risk
  • Credit Cards
  • Banking and Currency
  • Research Your Destination
  • Communication Home
  • Know What to Pack
  • S. Embassy Location and Contact
You should consider and have plans for everything on the above list as it pertains to your trip several months before you plan to travel. Learn more about the Study Abroad Process.