Payments, Credits, and Reimbursements

Loan Disbursement Dates

For financial aid purposes the disbursements dates listed below are the dates when the UTPB Office of Financial Aid applies the amount of the loans to a student's account. It does not represent the date that a student will receive a refund from the university. Refunds are processed through the Office of Accounting and will occur within 14 days of the date that Financial Aid applies any amount that will produce a credit for a student.

Students who accept loans, and have all required items on file prior to the first day of their scheduled class will receive their disbursements according to the posted dates listed below for each semester: 

2024-2025 Academic Year Loan Disbursement Dates:

Fall 2024: August 16, 2024

Spring 2025: TBD - disbursements occur ten days before the first day of class

Loans and Dropping Courses

Loan disbursements will not be processed until you reach your census date for your 6th credit hour that you are enrolled for. For example, if you are enrolled in 3 credit hours for the 1st 8-week semester and 3 credit hours for the 2nd 8-week semester, you will not receive your first disbursement until - the census date has passed for the later term

If you have accepted your loan that will cover your charges and completed a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling, the Financial Aid Office can place a “Do Not Drop” indicator in order to prevent you from being dropped from your courses if the loan covers your balance. 

If you drop your 2nd 8-week course before the loan is disbursed, you will no longer be eligible for a loan disbursement and you will be responsible for paying your tuition for the 1st 8-week course out of pocket.  If you accept financial aid and it is not enough to cover your total balance you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance in order to avoid an “Accounting Delinquent Hold.” Financial Aid awards are not based on student balances.

*  Three step loan process includes:

  • Accepting loan amount you would like to borrow through your my.utpb.edu student portal
  • Completing Master Promissory Note at studentloans.gov
  • Completing Entrance Counseling at studentloans.gov

** You have the right to cancel all or a portion of your loans. Students or parents wishing to cancel loans or disbursements must complete the Financial Aid Cancellation Form available at /campus-life/financial-aid/forms, within 14 days after receiving notification of disbursement.**

Processing Awards

The UTPB financial aid office will begin processing credits from awarded and accepted funds towards a student's account 12 days after classes begin of each term. After this date the system will begin applying the remaining credits on the account, if the remaining credits exceed the amount owed to the school the student will receive a refund check.

Please keep an eye on your review financial aid screen and the review pay bill screen to monitor the application of financial aid. If there are remaining portions of aid that you have questions about then please contact our office at (432) 552-2620.

Refunds & Payment Options

All refunds and payment information is handled by the UTPB Accounting Office. Please follow the links below to be directed to their web-page.