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Welcome Freshmen! SOAR is your first step to becoming a full-fledged Falcon. SOAR helps incoming students have a smooth transition to UT Permian Basin. Students will learn about academic programs, resources, expectations, and traditions. In addition to this introduction, students will also be advised and register for classes. Yes, all first year students are required to attend SOAR.

SOAR occurs at various times throughout the year. Students entering in the summer or fall semesters will attend a SOAR program in June, July, or August. Students entering in the spring semester will attend a SOAR program in January.

View orientation dates.

Review the information below then register for SOAR. If you have questions regarding our SOAR Program, please contact us at (432) 552-2651 or

Before SOAR

All students are required to register for SOAR. Please note you must be admitted to UTPB to register for SOAR. Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis once registration opens. Admitted students are encouraged to register quickly to guarantee their session. Please note advising and registration occurs at orientation.

Steps to register:

  1. Students must claim their new FalconID prior to registering for SOAR. Claim your FalconID online. Please note you will need your ten-digit student ID number to claim your FalconID.
  2. Students must know their Texas Success Initiative (TSI) status. Students will fall into one of the following categories:
  • Exempt
  • Not exempt but have taken the required tests
  • Not exempt and have not yet completed the required tests
  1. Students must know about their bacterial meningitis vaccination. Students will fall into one of the following categories:
  • Yes I have submitted proof
  • I have received the vaccination but have not submitted proof
  • I have not received the vaccination
  • I am exempt from this requirement
  1. Registration

All admitted students will receive an email invitation with a direct link to register for SOAR.


  • How do I inform the orientation staff of accommodations needed (physical, dietary, etc.)? Please note any accommodations that you will need during your SOAR session on your Registration Form.
  • Where will I stay during SOAR? Housing will not be provided during one-day SOAR sessions (January). Students attending two-day SOAR sessions (summer) will stay on campus. The cost for the overnight stay is including in your orientation fee. Students will need to bring a pillow, bath towel, hand towel, toiletries, and a sleeping bag or long twin sheets and a blanket.
  • How much does SOAR cost? All incoming freshmen will be charged a $120 SOAR fee. The cost of SOAR is assessed in your bill. Students will not pay for SOAR prior to attending.
  • What will I do at SOAR? Students will learn about campus policies and procedures, academic programs, and resources. SOAR also includes advising and registration for classes. In addition, SOAR provides an opportunity for you to meet other incoming students and current students.
  • How do I prepare? SOAR is an exciting time. There is a lot to accomplish in a very short period. Think of it as a snapshot of what you'll experience as a student. Below are a few helpful hints to make your experience enjoyable.
    • What to Pack: Please leave electronic items and other valuables at home. Be advised that we will not be responsible for any items that may go missing during your SOAR session.
      • Comfortable clothes/shoes - you will be doing a lot of walking
      • Jacket (the buildings can be cold)
      • Valid driver's license or other form of picture ID to have your UTPB ID made
      • Copies of your test scores (if not already submitted)
      • Copy of your shot records (if not already submitted)
      • Make sure you know your UTPB student ID (ten-digit number)
      • Make sure you know your FalconID and password (find more information online)
  • Can family members attend SOAR? Yes! We encourage family members to attend. Please make sure you register them with you. Note: Each student is limited to two guests.
  • Do I need to attend all the SOAR activities? Yes. Students will need to attend all programs and activities during SOAR. This will ensure you receive all pertinent information and have opportunities for involvement.
  • Will I register for my classes at SOAR? You will meet with an advisor and register for classes during SOAR. Students are encouraged to attend orientation as soon as possible to secure their class schedule.
  • Does it matter which SOAR session I attend? Enrolling in spring: All students will attend SOAR in January. Enrolling in Summer or Fall: You may select any of the 2-day SOAR sessions. Please note advising and registration occurs during SOAR. Students are encouraged to attend SOAR as soon as possible to secure their class schedule for the fall.
  • Do I need to have completed the TSI requirements prior to attending SOAR? Since registration occurs during SOAR it is important to have your TSI requirements completed prior to SOAR. Students who have not completed their TSI requirements will be limited during class registration. If you are unsure of your TSI status, please contact the Registrar's Office at (432) 552.2635. You can schedule your test date online. Contact the Testing Services & Academic Accommodations Department at 432.552.2360 for questions about TSI testing and fees.
  • Do I have to take the Directed Self Placement prior to SOAR? The DSP helps you determine which writing course you should enroll in at UTPB. Since registration occurs during SOAR it is important to have your placement survey completed. To confirm whether or not you need to complete the DSP, please follow this flowchart. Students who need to complete the DSP should print their results and bring them to SOAR.
  • Do I have to complete the Chemistry Diagnostic prior to SOAR? Students enrolling in January do not need to complete the Chemistry Diagnostic.
  • Is payment for classes required at SOAR? You cannot pay for classes until bills post. Please contact the Accounting Office at (432) 552-2706 for additional information.
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