Orientation is mandatory for all new students, including online-only students. We offer an online orientation that will introduce you to UTPB policies and procedures, teach you about available resources, and give you tools to be successful online.

Before orientation:

All students are required to register for orientation. Please note you must be admitted to UTPB to register for orientation.

Steps to register:

  1. Students must claim their new FalconID prior to registering for SOAR. Claim your FalconID online. Please note you will need your ten-digit student ID number to claim your FalconID.
  2. Students must know their Texas Success Initiative (TSI) status. Students will fall into one of the following categories:
    • Exempt
    • Not exempt but have taken the required tests
    • Not exempt and have not yet completed the required tests
  3. Registration
    • All admitted students will receive an email invitation with a direct link to register for orientation once registration opens.

New Student Orientation FAQs

  • When will I receive an invitation to orientation? Students will receive their invitation to orientation after they have been admitted to the university and registration is available.
  • Am I required to attend orientation? It is mandatory for all new students to complete orientation.
  • When is orientation? Orientation occurs at various times throughout the year. Students entering in the summer or fall semesters will complete a summer an orientation program in May through August. Students entering in the spring semester will complete an orientation program in late fall through January.
  • How much does orientation cost? All online-only students will be charged a $20 orientation fee. The cost of orientation is assessed in your first semester bill.
  • What will I do during orientation? Students will learn about campus policies and procedures, academic programs, and resources.
  • Will I register for my classes during orientation? Freshmen will have to complete orientation prior to meeting with an advisor and registering for classes. Transfer students have the benefit of being able to meet with an advisor and registering for classes prior to completing orientation. Transfer students may contact Academic Advising directly at onlineadvising@utpb.edu.
  • Do I need to have completed the TSI requirements prior to orientation? TSI requirements need to be completed prior to registration for classes. If you plan on being advised and registered for classes during orientation, TSI requirements need to be completed prior to orientation. If you are unsure of your TSI status, please contact the Registrar's Office at (432) 552-2635. You can schedule your test date online. Contact the Testing Services & Academic Accommodations Department at (432) 552-2630 for questions about TSI testing and fees.
  • Is payment for classes required during orientation? You cannot pay for classes until bills post. Please contact the Accounting Office at (432) 552-2706 for additional information.

Orientation & Enrollment Forum Summaries

We are offering online live chats to help address your orientation questions along with having representatives from Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office, Accounting, Academic Advising, and Residence Life & Dining Services.

Check your email for announcement of future forums and check back here for the summary notes after each forum.

If you have any questions regarding online programs, see:

Access to courses is available at the top of all UTPB web pages under My.UTPB.edu

For more information regarding online advising, please visit our Academic Advising Center website.