Today’s update includes two things: (1) new information and guidance from the University of Texas System, and (2) a summary of changes to University operations.

First, today the Chancellor provided new guidance to the Presidents new guidance to the presidents. Many of these directives have already been implemented or will be implemented soon. We support each directive and are especially grateful for the leadership and support from the UT system at this critical time.

Following is a summary of the guidance:

  • All academic instruction will be online for the remainder of the semester for all students. There will be no on-campus classes or other academic gatherings.
  • Living in campus residence halls and participating in campus dining will be limited to only those students who have no other alternative.
  • Spring commencement ceremonies are postponed; however, the degrees will be conferred on time.
  • Students will be reimbursed or credited for unused portions of residence and dining plans. This will be implemented only after UT system guidance which is forthcoming.
  • UT system will provide emergency funds to address specific student needs.

Second, we are establishing additional flexibility to help our employees deal with changing circumstances, particularly challenges associated with K-12 schools closing. Details can be found here.

Following is a summary of these changes:

  • Office hours will be changed and more options will be available for telecommuting and flexible
    schedules. Most of our work will be on campus, but expanded options will be available.
  • Business casual will be the dress code until further notice.
  • Even though current office hours will be covered, there will be expanded flex working plans available as approved by supervisors.
  • COVID-19 leave will be available to help Falcons with illness and self-isolation.