Dear Student Workers and Supervisors:

We are expediting payments to student workers and we want to make the process very easy. We know how important this is for our students with the ongoing developments related to COVID-19 and changes in UTPB campus operations.

The health and well-being of our Falcon community and the academic progress of our students are our top concerns, and we recognize that financial stability is an essential element of student success.

 Very few students will be working on campus and all new hiring is suspended for now. For those who might have on-campus assignments you will hear directly from your supervisor about work hours and assignments. Unless you hear from your supervisor, you will receive the remote assignment and payment as documented below. 

It is our plan to expedite one disbursement for the entire amount on April 7th, 2020 to cover all remaining pay periods in the semester. For the period March 16th through May 9th, student workers will be paid for fifteen (15) hours of work per week (3 hours per workday).  

In order to process the payment we have four easy steps: 

  1. Students obtain work assignment from supervisor - There will be maximum flexibility for supervisors to assign work that can be completed remotely.  We have provided some useful resources to help supervisors consider and develop various alternatives that are suitable for work assignments during the remote working period.
  2. Students sign and return Telecommuting Agreement - This document is already filled out for you. Please just sign and date and send back to your supervisor. The supervisor will provide a copy to Human Resources. 
  3. Students sign and return one timesheet - This timesheet  only needs to be signed once as it documents the time for all remaining pay periods in the semester. Just sign and return to your supervisor. The supervisor will provide a copy to Human Resources.  
  4. Confirm address on file or set up direct deposit – It is important to verify your address on file if you do not have direct deposit. We strongly encourage you to set up direct deposit as instructed below: 

*Students who wish to change to direct deposit can do so via the PeopleSoft Employee Self Service Portal.   The “Direct Deposit” option can be found under “Payroll and Compensation” in the menu on the left.  If you don’t have access to PeopleSoft, you can complete the attached Direct Deposit Form.  With either PeopleSoft or paper Direct Deposit Form, we will need either a voided check or bank letter with complete routing and account numbers, which can be scanned with your phone and emailed to hr@utpb.edu. You’ll find these step-by-step instructions for student access to PeopleSoft helpful as well. 

All of the information mentioned above, related to student workers during the COVID-19 response, can also be found in this student worker information folder. If you have questions, please direct them to either your supervisor or HR at hr@utpb.edu

Thank you all for your work and for your passion for this University!   


Dr. Sandra Woodley