Detailed look at our Back to Campus Guidelines

What is the University doing to increase health and safety standards?

  • All Falcons must report if they are experiencing symptoms, feel they have been exposed, or have tested positive for COVID-19 to report this information here.
  • Resources will be available through the Office of Human Resources (HR), Dean of Students, and the College of Nursing to help with questions about isolation/quarantining protocols and testing.
  • All Falcons should practice safety precautions recommended by the CDC including washing hands often, staying home if sick, keeping a physical distance of 6 feet when possible, and wearing a mask to minimize the risk of exposure. Our success and ability to minimize risks will require a shared responsibility. We’ve outlined those steps in our Falcon 5 Pact.

Will masks be required on campus? Are they provided, or do I need to bring my own?

Face coverings are required at UTPB. All students who come to campus will be provided a mask, but we encourage all members of our community to obtain additional masks. Environmental Health & Safety will host several events with Student Life to distribute masks. Housing staff will issue a mask to each person upon check-in. Masks will also be available for purchase at the bookstore and are available at many stores citywide.

Will UTPB provide hand sanitizer on campus?

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety has strategically placed sanitizing stations throughout campus including in many classrooms and offices and in hallways and corridors.

How will the institution enforce social distancing guidelines?

The University will have signage to remind our community about social distancing. Like wearing a face cover, we will remind folks in our community but for those that won’t comply, they will be referred to Student Conduct. Social Distancing in classrooms has been addressed by removing chairs/tables/desks to reduce occupancy to maintain six feet (6’) spacing between students and faculty.

How is the University managing testing and tracing?

The UTPB College of Nursing along with a group of strategic leaders in the University, will lead the Pandemic Management Team (PMT) to determine the risk of exposure from a known or probable case of COVID-19. They will determine if individuals should be isolated and work with campus leaders to determine next steps, which might include: coordinating with healthcare providers; providing recommendations on whether courses need to move online; providing information packets to affected employees; increased sanitizing of rooms and spaces; coordinating recommendations on return to work/isolation/testing for students, faculty, and staff; support for on-campus housing isolation/quarantine requirements

What should I do if I feel sick or test positive for COVID 19?

All Falcons must report if they are experiencing symptoms, feel they have been exposed, or have tested positive for COVID-19 should report this information here.

In order to assist UT Permian Basin in its response and management of the COVID-19 illness pandemic, please complete the following steps if:

  • You are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19,
  • You have tested positive for COVID-19, or
  • You have been in contact with someone who was confirmed to have COVID-19:
    • Complete COVID-19 Health and Illness Form located here.
    • Employees should notify their Supervisor
    • Begin self-isolation until the UTPB Pandemic Case Management team has provided specific recommendations for next steps.
    • The UTPB Pandemic Case Management Team will contact you within 24 hours.

Resources will be available through the Office of Human Resources (HR) and the College of Nursing to help with questions about isolation/quarantining protocols and testing.

Will the University still be open to the public?

The University is open to the public. While some services remain virtual, others, particularly those that serve current and prospective students, are keeping in-office hours. Regular office hours will resume on August 24th.



Detailed look at the plan for admissions and financial aid

Does the school have a health service? If not, where will they send students who need health care?

Medical Services for undergraduate and graduate students is available at Trinity Family Medicine. The medical services program is designed to provide students with basic primary healthcare needs in an outpatient setting. Trinity Family Medicine will provide medical services to UT Permian Basin students who have paid the Medical Services Fee (any student enrolled in a face to face class). Students have the option to buy our student health insurance plan (SHIP). Check out: https://utpb.myahpcare.com/ 

If a student is medically high-risk, do you have a plan to support their academic needs?

Our students can choose options for how they take their classes so they have maximum flexibility to arrange their experience to match any concerns about their health. Those options are defined in the academic section.

If a student tests positive, will he/she be kept at school under quarantine, or will he/she be sent home? At what point would they be taken to an emergency facility for care?

Campus residents who are symptomatic should return home if possible. There are a limited number of quarantine rooms on campus that can be used. All students in campus housing that test positive will receive a daily check in. Should the need arise for someone to be taken to an emergency facility, we can help the student be transported through a private ambulance service.

Will the Testing Center remain open?

The Testing Center will remain open, by appointment only, and used only for University testing.

Will the Childcare Center be open?

The Childcare Center re-opened July 6, 2020 with modified ratios as determined by the State of Texas. Children will remain in separate rooms by age grouping. Center staff will meet children and parents at the door. Only children will be allowed inside the Center. Children will be screened daily, prior to entering the Childcare Center. Staff will wear masks. Meals and snacks will be served individually, not family style. Enhanced cleaning procedures utilized.

When will the bills for the fall semester be posted?

Fall billing will open on 07/17/2020. 

Will payment plan options continue?

Yes. The University will continue to work with students and we are waiving late fees on payment plans. The deadline to sign up for a payment plan is 

What if I can’t afford to manage the changes brought on by the COVID-19 reality?

We recognize that these changes may cause financial challenges for you. Students can apply for emergency aid at www.utpb.edu/emergencyfund. Students and their families can also consult with Financial Aid if their family financial situation has changed.

Is a nurse provided on campus so students won’t have to get to a clinic on their own if they are sick?

We do not have a health service clinic on campus. Instead, we partner with Trinity Family Medical, located very close to campus. Students enrolled in at least one face to face course pay the Medical Services Fee. These students can be seen for routine visits at no additional cost at Trinity Family Medical. If an on-campus resident needs assistance getting to Trinity Health, they should contact the Dean of Students Office during normal business hours, or their RA after-hours.

Are Counseling Services available?

We have counseling services available both in person and virtually. If you need support but cannot make it to a face to face appointment, we can facilitate a session using a secure online platform. To schedule an appointment, contact Counseling Services at carrillo_v@utpb.edu or by calling 432-552-3365. Counseling services (including crisis needs) are available via phone call 24-hours a day by calling 432-552-4600.

What is the University doing to monitor the health of student athletes?

Daily health screenings will be implemented for all student-athletes, coaches, and staff.

  • Action plans will be followed for those who have or have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Specific sanitation protocols and policies for the Athletic Training Room and Strength & Conditioning Department have been developed.
  • The Athletics Department has developed game day protocols for both home and away competitions. All game day workers will follow protocols.
  • Fan safety measures for indoor and outdoor events will be implemented.
  • Protocol has been developed for on-campus, prospective student-athlete visits

What happens to international students if we have to go to completely online?

International Students will be allowed to remain in campus housing, if they choose. The Department of Homeland Security has reversed its position back to the status quo.

I am an international student and my student visa requires me to be enrolled in at least 4 classes (12 credits) that are f2f. If UTPB decides to offer its classes online will I be deported?

No. The Department of Homeland Security has reversed it guidance and now indicates international students can take online classes without risking deportation.


Detailed look at the plan for academic options

What are the start and end dates for the Fall 2020 semester?

The Fall 2020 semester will begin and end as originally scheduled. The fall semester will start on August 24, 2020 and will conclude on December 11. All on-campus activities, including scheduled in-person classes, however, will cease before the Thanksgiving holiday, and all classes will resume virtually until the end of the semester.

Will the semester be extended?

The semester will not be extended. All academic learning will take place within the previously scheduled dates.

How will classes be offered this fall?

UT Permian Basin will offer all classes currently listed on the Fall 2020 Course Schedule. The current published Fall 2020 Course Schedule lists two basic types of courses:

  • 100 percent online courses, which are asynchronous courses (those in which learning may occur live or later, generally at the student’s own pace through videos and electronic materials and communication)
  • synchronous courses (those in which students generally learn and interact in the moment/simultaneously with faculty and other students). These synchronous courses may be Traditional On-Campus/In-Person courses, Hyflex or Hybrid Courses, and Remote Courses. You’ll find an explanation for what you can expect with these courses in the Academic section

Will COVID-related absences be excused?

Students who are unable to attend a class (for any reason) should contact their professor, if possible, in advance of any class(es) to be missed. Faculty are committed to working with students who experience unforeseen hardships--including COVID-19 related issues—that prevent their ability to come to campus or participate in their classes.

Will my Financial Aid be affected if I am not able to take face to face classes?

No. You will still be eligible for your financial aid as long as you continue to meet the minimum enrollment requirements for your awards, just as you would in face to face classes.

I am currently on a scholarship that requires me to take face-to-face classes. Will I be able to keep my scholarship if I have to take online classes?

Yes. You will have to continue to meet the minimum enrollment requirements for your scholarship though (e.g. hours, gpa)

What safety measures will be in place while I’m on campus for my in-person class?

In addition to the general safety protocols instituted on campus, the University has taken measures specifically related to classrooms, labs, and other teaching and learning spaces. Along with the requirement for students to wear masks while in class, the seating capacity in each classroom/lab/space has been reduced in order to allow for the required six feet of social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Since the calculated “COVID-19 room capacity” has reduced normal seating capacity by at least 50 percent, most classrooms and classes this fall will not be able to accommodate all enrolled students at the same time. Therefore, in courses that will require in-person instruction this fall, a staggered attendance approach may be taken and devised by each faculty member for each course based upon course requirements, “COVID-19 room capacity,” and enrollment. Students will be apprised by their instructor about the specific modality of their course (including any in-person requirements) on or before the first day of class.

What are the hours of operation for campus offices (Student Success, Academic Advising, the Library, Testing Center, etc.)? Will in-person services be provided?

During the fall semester, campus offices will return to regular business hours:

Monday-Thursday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Friday 8 am - 12 pm

The Library hours for fall are:

Monday -Thursday 7:30 am - 12 am
Friday 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 1 pm - 9 pm

Some offices, however, may have extended hours. Students should frequently check the UTPB website for any modifications to office hours. You can find more details here

Does the University have any plans for regular updates to students through the fall semester on any new plans they may have?

Absolutely. The University will employ multiple channels--including direct email, texts, chats, social media, virtual town halls, etc.--to keep students and the community informed about any developments related to COVID-19 and its impact on the fall semester. In addition, it is extremely important for each student remain in close contact with their academic advisors and with each of their instructors especially during this uncertain time.


Detailed look at the plan for housing.

Detailed look at the plan for on-campus dining.

Will on-campus housing be available?

Yes! We’re excited to welcome students back this fall and we have new protocols in place to minimize risks. They include:

  • Checklists, safety information, and COVID-19 support will be provided to each resident.
  • The occupancy standard for campus housing will be one student per bedroom and no more than two students per bathroom in a unit.
  • Residence Life staff will assign roommates based on athletic participation or academic discipline, utilizing the “pod” methodology for minimizing risks, contact, and for self-isolation.
  • While there will be self-isolation spaces on campus, if students are ill, they are encouraged to leave campus.
  • Common spaces (workout area, study rooms, TV spaces, and laundry rooms) will have reduced capacity and use social distancing guidelines. o These areas will undergo increased cleaning.
  • Move-in to campus will be extended over several days to allow for a system of scheduled check-in times to maintain distance and limit large groups. You can find a detailed explanation of housing policies and procedures here.

What happens if a student gets sick and is living in a residence hall?

If possible, the student should plan to return home for the period of their illness. If that is not possible, they can use one of the quarantine rooms we have set aside. The University will coordinate meal delivery and students can expect their student account to be charged for these meals. Students will receive a daily check in regarding their health.

If the university were to close, will housing be closed as well?

We do not anticipate housing closing this Fall, even if all classes move online. However, it’s possible that a state agency or other governing body could require us to close.

Will on-campus dining be available this fall?

Yes! University dining services operated by Chartwells will follow the company’s internal guidance as well as the following:

  • All locations will be open to provide additional options.
  • Extended hours will be available to serve as many students as possible while minimizing risks.
  • Required social distancing measures will be followed.
  • No self-serve food stations.
  • Limited capacity within the dining hall in RDH.
  • Take out will be available.
  • Chartwells staff will increase protective measures.

You may also view more information, our menu, and nutritional information at Dineoncampus.

Will you have on-campus events?

We care about our campus community and we’re looking for ways to engage in-person, online, and through social media. Please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. For Fall 2020, we have a plan in place to engage students in ways that minimize risk. For all in-person events, checklists will be developed for all events. Events will be permitted, with limitations on size, dependent upon venue capacity.