Matthew Boggs

Matthew Boggs

Adjunct Professor Geology
Geology Program
MB Room 4166
Matthew Boggs has taught Historical Geology Lab at UTPB since 2014, and has been teaching Historical Geology Lecture since Spring 2016. He also teaches the Physical and Historical Geology Lab classes at Midland College as an Adjunct Professor.
Mr. Boggs completed his MS in Geology (Focus: Vertebrate Paleontology) at UTPB after earning his undergraduate degree at Eastern Kentucky University. The focus of his thesis was his own excavation and description of a Mammuthus columbi specimen in West Texas. This included accounting for and preparing all the remains found, as well as hypothesizing on the formation of the bone bed, as the original environment of deposition seemed to have been disturbed. He spends his summers on paleontology digs, most recently on the excavation of a Barosaurus lentus specimen (a sauropod) from the Morrison Formation in Utah.

Research Interests


My research interests are varied, but I am especially interested in the many fields and specialties of vertebrate paleontology. My greatest interest is in the reptiles of the Mesozoic and Permian; including dinosaurs, synapsids, and rauisuchians to name some examples. The more mysterious or separated from the environments and species we see today, the more interesting a fossil specimen tends to be for me

Recent Teaching


  • Historical Geology
  • Physical Geology
  • Physical Geology Lab
  • Historical Geology Lab
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