Chao Dong

Chao Dong

Assistant Professor
Chemistry Program
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Chemistry
ST 1246


  • PhD, Chemistry, 2015. University of New Mexico.
  • BS, Chemistry 2007. University of Science & Technology of China


  • General Chemistry I & II
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry I & II
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Research


  • PI, NSF IRES grant, $299,965, 2023-2026.
  • STARs (Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention) grant, $237,000. UT Systems, 2019-2022.
  • Computational Allocations, 556,00SUs, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) 2019-

Research Areas

  • Inorganic/organic synthesis
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Biomedicine
  • Energy Conversion
  • Water Treatment

Research Interests

  • Design and synthesis of xanthine oxidase inhibitor for gout treatment (big toe).
  • Enzyme kinetic studies of inhibition behavior
  • Computational (QM and MM) investigation of structure-property relationship of prepared materials (compounds) such as in the application of biomedicine, water treatment, energy conversion

Selected Publications

  • Sun, Z.Y.; Dong, C; Hu, H.Y.; Zhou, J. S.; Huang, Z. D.; Li, C. “Tough Anti-swelling Supramolecular Conductive Hydrogel for Amphibious Motion Sensors”. Small, 2023, 2303612.
  • Maghsoud, Y; Dong, C; Cisneros, G. A. “Computational insights into the Inhibition Mechanism of Xanthine Oxidoreductase by Oxipurinol”, J. Chemical Information and Modeling, 2023, 63, 13, 4190.
  • Maghsoud, Y; Dong, C; Cisneros, G. A. “Computational Characterization of the Inhibition Mechanism of Xanthine Oxidoreductase by Topiroxostat”, ACS Catalysis. 2023, 13, 6023.
  • Haskell, D.; Heo, J.; Park, J.; Dong, C. “Hydrogeochemical Evaluation of Groundwater Quality Parameters for Ogallala Aquifer in the Southern High Plains Region, USA”. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 2022, 19, 8453.
  • Dong, C; Montes, M.; Al-Sawai, W. M. “Xanthine oxidoreductase inhibition: a review of computational aspect”. Journal of Theoretical Computational Chemistry. 2020, 19, 2040008.

University and Community Services

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at UTPB 2023-
  • Director of Biomedical Research Camp for high school students at UTPB 2021, 2022 summer
  • General Education Oversight Committee, UTPB 2021-2023
  • Faculty advisor for chemistry major student 2021-
  • Co-advisor of ACS Student Chapter at UTPB 2019-
  • Committee member of graduate thesis at UTPB 2020-
  • Judge of the Permian Basin Science and Engineering Fair 2019/2021/2023
  • Chemistry demos in elementary school/National Chemistry Week  019-    

Professional Services

  • Editor Board, Frontiers in Chemistry, sections Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, 2023
  • Guest Editor of Special Issue “Advanced Tools and Methods of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry: How Are They Developed and Used?’, Molecules, 2023
  • Peer reviewer of MDPI series of journals (Molecules, Nutrient, Sustainability, Water, Cells, Process, and international J of Molecular Science) 2022-
  • Peer reviewer of SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research; Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, sections Biological Modeling and Simulation 2021 

Professional Affiliations

  • Texas Academy of Science
  • American Chemical Society