Dan Keast

Dan Keast

Music Department Chair, Lois & Louis Rochester Professor in Music
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Music
Visual Arts

Music Program

Department of Arts

Dr. Dan Keast is a pioneer of online teaching and presents his research and innovations to a variety of disciplines in secondary and higher education. The link between Dan's research and teaching is obvious as he continually adapts his courses and constructivist teaching methods to new media, student needs, and innovative pedagogy. Keast won the University's nomination for the Regents' Teaching Award in 2014 and the 2015 nomination for the Piper Professor due to his teaching accomplishments, reputation as an online educator, and caring mentor to his students, faculty, and alumni.

Keast was recruited by UTPB to re-start the Music Program in the fall of 2004 and served as the area coordinator until Fall 2020. He is a diamond-certified online educator by The University of Texas System, a Quality Matters online master reviewer, and Professor has written many grants netting over a million dollars of external funding for Music at UTPB, and reviews grants for the US Department of Labor and HP Catalyst Programs. Keast is an avid supporter of the arts by serving as a member on the Board of Directors for the West Texas Jazz Society. As a music education researcher, his research interests include teaching and scaffolding activities in online learning environments. He has twelve publications including book chapters, peer-reviewed research journal articles, invited columns, and serves as an editor for Texas Music Education Research Online in Second Life, Magna Publications, and Journal of Learning and Teaching, plus digital creations & the Apple App Store.