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Paul Sanchez

Department of Arts
Music Program

Music Program

Department of Arts

Paul teaches guitar class & ensemble at St. John’s Episcopal School. This year is his thirteenth year instructing beginners to intermediate from 4th to 8th grade. For three years, he taught Computer and Technology class at St. John’s grades Kinder to 7th. In Computer class his focus was imparting basic computer knowledge and skills, introducing learning concepts and exploring the connection technology provides learners in skills, knowledge and abilities. This is year four at his studio, Sound Roads Studio, instructing students in private lessons for guitar, piano, drums and guitar ensemble. This is his second year as guitar faculty for UTPB. He works with students in private lessons, guitar ensemble and guitar class. 

Learning was different for Paul. He had to work harder than others to keep up. He noticed this while working with a wide range of students. How do people learn? How can we generate motivation for learning? What are the ideal conditions needed in learning? How are we able to properly evaluate and assess learner’s skills knowledge and abilities? Why do certain people learn things faster? These questions led him to pursue his Masters in Instructional Design from Full Sail University. 


Last Updated: 12/19/2019
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