College of Arts and Sciences



Physical & Biological Sciences





















BS in Biology General Studies

BS in Biology Pre professional 

BS in Biology Grades 4-8 Certification Plan

Chemistry Minor

BS in Biology Grades 7-12 Certification Plan

BS in Biology Organismal Biology Track

BS in Biology Molecular Biology Track

BS in Chemistry General Track

BS in Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy

BS in Chemistry Biochemistry Track

BS in Computer Science - Cyber Security Track

BS in Computer Science - Game & Simulation Track

BS in Computer Science - Software Development Track

BS in Geology

BS in Geology - Petroleum Geology Concentration

BS in Information Systems

BS in Mathematics 


BA in Communication

BA in Communication Online

BS in Criminal Justice Online

BS in Criminology

BA in English

BA in English - Teacher Certification Track

BA in History

BA in History - Online

BA in Humanities - General Studies Track

BA in Humanities - Visual and Performing Arts Track

BA in Spanish

BA in Spanish EC-Grade 12 Teacher Certification Option

Social-Behavioral Sciences

Child and Family Studies

BA in Psychology

BA in Polical Science

BA in Sociology

Visual and Performing Arst

BA in Art - General

Bachelor of Fine Arts
BA in Art - Graphic Design

BA in Art with Teacher Certification

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music - Instrumental Emphasis

Bachelor of Music - Choral Emphasis


College of Business




BBA in Accounting

BA in Economics

BBA in Finance

BS in Industrial Technology

BBA in Energy Land Management

BBA in Management

BBA in Marketing


College of Education

Meta Major




College of Engineering 




BS in Chemical Engineering

BS in Electrical Engineering

BS in Mechanical Engineering

BS in Petroleum Engineering 


College of Health Science and Human Performance 



Health Science

BS in Nursing

BS in Nursing Post Licensure

BA in Social Work

BS in Athletic Training

BS in Kinesiology - Exercise Science

Bs in Kinesiology - Pre-professional Teaching

BS in Kinesiology - Sports Studies 

BS in Kinesiology - Pre-Physical Therapy