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On-campus residence halls and apartments will remain open for the entire fall semester for students who choose to live on campus.

On-campus residence halls and apartments will remain open for the entire fall semester for students who choose to live on campus. After Thanksgiving, campus housing will remain open when instruction moves to remote learning mode.

Our planned occupancy will use the standard of one student per bedroom and no more than two students per bathroom. We may choose to lower the number of people in housing so to a lower density standard of one student per bedroom and bathroom although there would likely be some exceptions for athletes or special circumstances. This is a changing situation as the pandemic numbers rise or fall and we ask for your understanding as things change on campus.

Fall Applications 

With the possibility of reduced numbers of students living on campus, we will prioritize applications from international students, family housing, students outside a 50 miles radius from campus, and athletes. If you are not in one of these groups but want to live on campus, please apply as we may still be able to accommodate you.    

Whether you have completed the fall application or not, we are requiring all students to log in to the housing portal and update their Fall 2020 application with the new information we are requesting. You can complete that by clicking here. In order to log into the housing portal students must use their UT Permian Basin credentials (same as your email and student portal log in). If you have any questions, email any staff at

Late Applicants

Applications received after Wednesday, July 29, 2020 will be considered late. Late applicants will be assigned as space permits and, can anticipate a later move-in date than the posted move-in days.

If you have decided you no longer want to live in campus housing, you can cancel your contract at no cost until August 15, 2020. Requests to cancel should be made in writing via email at   

Community Standards 

Residence Life is implementing best practices to support your housing needs, but we will not be able to eliminate all risks. We need each resident to take individual responsibility for their health and fully understand how their actions and choices can impact the health of themselves, their roommates, classmates, and everyone else they encounter.  

Pods or Units 

Residents living together in the same unit will be considered a group or pod. Your pod is important because you will spend a lot of time together! We will be limiting student interactions outside of your pod or group. Residents within groups will be responsible for maintaining personal hygiene and utilizing CDC-recommended cleaning standards throughout their unit, including their shared bathroom.   

Agreements will be used for residents to show their understanding of the guidelines and their commitment to supporting the health and safety of our campus community. Additionally, the agreements will address health and safety guidelines related to cleaning, outside interaction and involvement, shared or individual risks, and open and honest communication.  

Community Expectations 

Some areas students can expect enhancements: 

  • Frequency of cleaning in common areas 
  • Limited occupancy in common spaces 
  • Masks are not required in living spaces for pods or units but will be required in common areas 
  • Expectation to follow CDC guidelines of social distancing and the mask requirement when outside of their private unit 
  • Students will not be allowed to have guests in their rooms or apartments. Students who want to gather with one another should do so in a small group, preferably outdoors, while maintaining social distance and wearing masks 
  • Students can use larger spaces such as the SAC to connect 
  • Students will be expected to complete a health and safety learning module online prior to move-in  


Your roommates will be your pod or unit. We want to limit student interactions to common groups so roommates will be assigned based on athletic team, academic area of study, or special program (such as band).  

While we will consider previous roommate requests to determine if they meet this standard, you may be asked to make a change.   

  1. Students who are not a participant of an athletic team will have an opportunity to complete a roommate request. Room requests must be completed and submitted during the open period and: 
    • Room type must be mutual 
    • Room must be full 
    • Have a signed addendum/roommate agreement
  2. Remaining students will be assigned by major and matched by roommate matching questions completed when updating the application. 

Move-In Days 

Students will move in by appointment for the fall. Each student will be asked to schedule a move-in time. Students will not be allowed to check in before the time they are scheduled to do so.

Over the next few days, students with completed applications will be sent the link to set up their appointment to move in, as follows:

  • Thursday 7/29: Football (only football will be able to schedule a move-in time)
  • Friday 8/1: Fall Sports, Athletic Training, and Band
  • Saturday 8/2: All Students

Move-in will be contactless. Students will only be able to have one person with them to assist with the move-in process and have a limited time to move into their unit.

Move-in days will be extended to accommodate new move-in procedures. There will be set move in days for the following:

Freshmen (Fall 2020 First time Freshman)

  • Fall Athletes and Band: August 15 and 16 (Football, Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball)
  • General Move-In: August 20-21

Upperclass Students

  • Fall Athletes and Band: August 15-17 (Football, Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball)
  • General Move-In: August 15-21

Enroll for Fall 

Have you enrolled for fall courses, yet?  If you haven’t completed your online orientation, make sure you finish it so you can then complete your course registration. Need help? Contact Jacob Patrick at

Meal Plans

Meal Plans begin with dinner on Thursday, August 20. For arrivals prior to August 20, meals will be coordinated, and details provided by your coach or early arrival coordinator. Please refer to the Chartwells plan for important updates