student painting
“Student-Made is all about developing a community around student makers, creators, and artists.”

It is now easier than ever for UT Permian Basin students to become entrepreneurs while earning their degree. A program made by students, run by students, has made its way to campus.

Student Made is a student-run entrepreneurial marketplace. Their online shop features handmade products and various innovative business projects of all kinds created by UTPB students across all majors and backgrounds. Items range from drawings, pottery, homemade accessories, and more.

Student-Made allows college students the platform to buy, create, and sell, and their own products. The program is comprised of Creators (sellers) and Managers (workforce). What makes this so unique is that the social media, website, and marketing is also completely operated by student “managers.” Among one of these managers is junior Marketing major, Adrian Gonzalez, who serves as UTPB’s Student-Made content creator manager.

“I ensure that brand goals are being met through content collection and creation. I host content sessions with both managers and creators to work on getting their businesses the recognition needed,” he says. “I hope this program inspires more entrepreneurs that want to begin their small business and to take advantage of the help Student-Made offers.”

The mission for Student-Made UTPB is simple: to partner with colleges and universities in provide an effective and entirely student-run platform for entrepreneurial students to reach supporters.

Through the partnership with UTPB Innovation & Commercialization, Student-Made was developed. Brian Shedd, Executive Director of UTPB’s Office of Innovation & Commercialization, helped bring this mission to campus.

“I saw this as a lesson in entrepreneurship – to teach the students how to monetize their skillset. I figured there was probably something out there that could fill this gap and provide supplemental training and experience for the students to learn how to commercialize their works. Through some initial web searching, I found Student-Made, and they seemed like the right fit.” he says.

Having Student-Made on campus allows students like Madison Guerrero a platform to grow her expertise and business. Madison, junior Art major at UTPB, first heard about this program via Instagram message on her art page.

“The products I'm selling are ceramic funky trays. These trays help you keep important items all in one spot, so you don't forget where you put them! Each tray has a different shape and color to it.” Madison encourages other students to join Student Made so they can get real-life ecommerce experience.

“I think Student-Made is a great opportunity that students with small businesses should take advantage of! It helps you prepare for managing a business after you graduate,” she adds.

“These students get to work together to learn how to operate an e-commerce platform to sell their works and creations, and they benefit from the communities at other Student-Made campuses. I also knew this was going to be a really good fit when we started talking with students about it. Students are building careers doing what they love is really something we can be proud of as a university,” Shedd adds.

There are 11 institutions, and counting, who are a part of Student Made nationwide. Other universities include: Clemson, University of North Carolina, and Marquette University. UT Permian Basin marks the first school in Texas to be a part of this program.

“It took us a year to finalize the contract with UT System – we are the first UT System institution to do this, and the first university in all of Texas to do this, so we are breaking new ground,” said Shedd. “But we got it done with a lot of support from UT System, the General Counsel, the UTPB College of Business, and especially the Roden Center for Entrepreneurship.”

Student-Made UTPB is actively looking to grow and expand their network and welcomes student creators and managers looking to jumpstart and support business ventures. Visit their online website and social media platforms.

Learn more here on how to join!