two photos of the library
Have you checked out our Dunagan Library?
The library is a central hub for learning and research. Perhaps a student’s go-to study spot and group project meetups. Quietness, focus, (and a bit of stress) lurking in the atmosphere.

UTPB’s own J. Conrad Dunagan Library is one of our distinguishable buildings and learning centers on campus. But there is more than what meets the eye.

Before its construction, the library was housed in the Mesa Building. The Dungan Library was constructed at the turn of the millennium and opened its doors in January 2001. The facility was named after J. Conrad Dunagan, a local staple in the Permian Basin, who played a key role in the establishment of UTPB in 1969.

The two-story, 66,000 square foot building features computing workstations, study rooms, and printers. In addition, the facility itself also includes two large classroom spaces, the Library Lecture Halls. If you take a look around the lobby area, you might even notice the artwork circulating around the walls.

The library offers a wide range of materials for students to utilize, such as various collections of books, journals, media, archives, and databases. Digital access is also made available and can be beneficial for students conducting research to explore a vast array of topics. Our helpful library staff are trained to provide and interpret library materials, offering guidance and support to navigate students to meet their academic objectives.

As of recently, new additions have been added to the library. A newly installed Starbucks café along with an Innovation Lab that houses the makerspace, which is equipped with fourteen 3D printers, a laser cutter/engraver, a 3D scanner, and more. The Roden Center for Entrepreneurship and Blackstone Launchpad are also housed within the library. An eSports arena was also added, which includes high-performance computing, gaming workstations, and casual console gaming stations.

The Dunagan library seeks to offer students, staff, faculty, and the public the informational tools they need in an innovative environment. Follow the Dunagan Library social media sites to stay in the loop on the latest updates!