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Fog on Campus

In an effort to achieve consistency in University communications, the UT Permian Basin Communications and Marketing team has developed an editorial style guide to be used by members of the media.

University Name

The University of Texas System recently approved changing the official name of the University to now be known as The University of Texas Permian Basin. We made this change to fall more in line with our sister institutions that are not directly associated with a specific city.

Wrong use: The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Wrong use: The University of Texas at the Permian Basin

We are also moving way from only saying UTPB, but rather UT Permian Basin. We are proud to be part of the world-class UT System and want our abbreviated name to reflect that.

Use The University of Texas Permian Basin or UT Permian Basin on first reference or in headlines.

Use UTPB on second reference or in headlines for variety when space does not permit the use of the full name.

University Logos

Our logo is a symbol of our pride and the most visible representation of who we are. In a sense, it's our face, so it’s important for us to uphold the design so that it remains the same in all materials.

Visit our Logos page>>link to logos page for official university logos that you can download and use at your discretion.

Academic Degrees

  • Lowercase names of degrees, fellowships and the like: a master’s degree; a doctorate; a fellowship; a master of business administration.
  • Capitalize and use periods in degree abbreviations: A.; B.F.A.; M.B.A.; Ph.D.; Ed.D.
  • Use abbreviations on second reference after you have written out the full name of the degree, or after a full name, set off by a comma: Jane Doe, M.A. ’97, won the award.
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