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Boom or Bust: A Collection and Study of Energy Narratives

  • PI: Rebecca Babcock, CoPI: Dr. Jason Lagapa
  • Awarding Agency: National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Award Amount: $83,800
  • Period: 2017- 2018

Dr. Babcock and Dr. Lagapa will serve as co-directors of the grant and will, along with program coordinator Kristen Figgins, implement several initiatives, including writing workshops, book clubs, and a speaker series to help promote understanding Permian Basin's energy and economic resources from a humanistic perspective. These initiatives, collectively titled "Boom or Bust: A Collection and Study of Energy Narratives," will pay particular attention to economic growth cycles and downturns and the toll such volatility has on local inhabitants. The project will also explore the cultural importance of petroleum to this local region and to the nation as a whole. In addition, the project will highlight the many forms of energy production- including wind, solar and nuclear-powered sources-that already make Permian Basin's economic infrastructure diverse.

Linking and Advancing Student Success Opportunities (LASSO)

  • Project Director: Gilbert Sanchez
  • PI: Susan Lara
  • Awarding Agencies: S. Department of Education
  • Award Amount: $2,600,000
  • Period: 2015-2020

This project will run for five years and will receive federal funding of approximately $2.6 million. This a 2015 Title V grant in order to expand opportunities, improve academic attainment of Hispanic and other under-served students, enhance its offerings and services to students and stabilize the institution's ability to help large numbers of Hispanics to complete a four year degree. The program design is based on strong theory found in studies referenced throughout the proposal that provide promising practices to solve identified problems at the university. The proposal was authored by Dr. Susan Lara.

Integrated Research and Education Developmental Activities for the Mechanical Engineering-Nuclear Track Students and Faculty at UTPB

  • PI: Essam Ibrahim
  • CoPIs: Flocker, Dr Bravo & Dr. Trueba
  • Awarding Agency: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Award Amount: $169,500
  • Period: September 30, 2015-September 29, 2018

Dr Essam Ibrahim's research proposal to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was formally awarded on September 28, 2015. The project is aimed at enhancing recruitment, retention, and preparation of the mechanical engineering-nuclear track students and faculty at UTPB through multi-faceted research and educational developmental activities in areas relevant to NRC mission. The research training component of the project will be accomplished via involving undergraduate students in the research activities of the faculty investigators.

Pots-n-Prints Arts and Craft Outreach Program

  • PI: Mario Kiran
  • PI: Prof Christopher Stanley
  • Awarding Agencies: National Endowment for the Arts and Odessa Council for Arts & Humanities
  • Aggregate Award Amounts: $30,000
  • Period: 2013-2018

Pots-n-Prints is a mobile studio, which travels to the rural areas in Southwest and West Texas, and, conducts workshops in ceramics and printmaking with K-12 students, and at-risk children and youth, in the under-served communities. The mobile studio consists of a trailer, printing press, raku kiln and four portable potters' wheels. The trailer is used to transport the equipment, materials and supplies required for the workshops. Between June 2015 and July 2016, Pots-n-Prints will travel to 14 locations in the Permian Basin and conduct workshops.More Information!

  • Pots-n-Prints conducts free workshops to provide an outlet for elementary, junior high, and high school students to increase their creativity.
  • We serve economically challenged K-12 students living in rural communities.
  • Pots-n-Prints also works with at-risk children and youth.
  • The mobile studio works with students with disabilities.
  • The K-12 students, who, do not have the financial means to visit museums and art centers and take art classes, will have the opportunity to work with the equipment, materials and supplies provided by the mobile studio.
  • The mobile studio reaches out to children and youth from low socio-economic backgrounds, who, otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience printmaking and ceramics.

Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support (HOPES)

  • PI: Beth Meyerson, MPA, Director, First 5 Permian Basin
  • Awarding Agency: Texas Health and Human Services Commission: Prevention and Early Intervention Unit
  • Award Amount: $690,990 annually
  • Period: 2014-2017
  • This multiple year award will be used to enhance current evidence-based kindergarten preparedness/parent education programs by adding two Parents as Teachers Educators and a Father Engagement Coordinator. Via sub-contracts with the Boys & Girls Club of Odessa, Harmony Home Children's Advocacy Center, and March of Dimes, this funding will: 1) support a community-based recreation/socialization program for families with young children, 2) provide training in the area of sexual abuse prevention utilizing the evidence-based Steward of Children curriculum to 2,000 teachers, agency personnel, and general public, 3) coordinate and enhance "April is Child Abuse Prevention Month" activities, and 4) continue to support a strong Early Childhood Coalition through strategic planning and data-driven decision making. More information here

The Rural Remote Virtual Early College High School (ECHS) Initiative

  • PI:  Lillian R. Porter, Early College High School Coordinator Co
  • PI: Woodley, President
  • Awarding Agency: Meadows Foundation
  • Award Amount: $217,000
  • Period: 2014-December 31, 2018
  • The Rural Remote Virtual Early College High School (ECHS) Initiative consist of four school district partners Presidio ISD, Balmorhea ISD, Marfa ISD, Rankin ISD, Texas State Technical College (TSTC) and Educate Texas. The initiative provides the opportunity for beginning ninth grade students who live in rural west Texas who may be at-risk of dropping out of high school or First Generation College goers, the opportunity to begin taking college level course work as soon as they are ready. The initiative is a unique, first of its kind virtual, internet-based ECHS curriculum that is supported by face-to-face interaction between students, and faculty through a series of district and university campus visits during the academic year. Meadows grant funds will be utilized to support a two week Summer Bridge camp, student textbooks, tuition, dining, both school district and UTPB travel expenses, Educate Texas consulting and other program related expenses.

West Texas Mathematics Consortium (WTMC)

  • CoPIs: Chris Hiatt, Warren Koepp and Yolanda Salgado
  • Awarding Agency: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • Awarded Amount: $948,000
  • Period: 2016-2018
  • Summary: The project The WTMC component at UTPB will provide 60 hours of professional development during a two-week summer workshop focusing on "Measurement" which is one of the lowest performance areas among middle school mathematics students across the state. is a collaborative effort between UTPB, Abilene Christian University (ACU), and Angelo State University (ASU). The funds are part of a federal initiative under the Teacher Quality Grants Program made available to higher education institutions to promote improved mathematics and science instruction. Of the $500,000, approximately $300,000 will target ECISD, MISD, and other regional charter, public and private schools' middle school mathematics teachers within the UTPB immediate service area.

 Chemistry Department Research Grant

  • PI & Title: Kyle Beran, Ellen and Bill Noel Distinguished Professor for Energy Research
  • Awarding Agency: The Welch Foundation
  • Awarded Amount: $100,000
  • Summary: Supports chemical research for faculty members of the Chemistry Department and also provides an opportunity for students to study chemistry in a less structured way.

First 5 Permian Basin (Formerly The Ector County Texas Home Visiting Program)

  • PI & Title: Beth Meyerson, Director
  • Awarding Agency: State of Texas: Health and Human Services Commission
  • Awarded Amount: $1,525,118
  • Period: May 2013-August 2018
  • Summary: The goals of the program are to 1) Improve the health and well-being of young children and their families by providing home visiting services for pregnant women and parents of children from birth to age 5, and 2) Combine efforts with other groups that are providing services for pregnant women, young children, and their families. This will be accomplished through the operation of four sub-projects:
  1. Parents as Teachers (PAT) teaches parents how to help their children grow healthy and develop a good foundation for learning. It's for pregnant women and teens and those who already have an infant or child up to 4 years old. It is being administered by UTPB.
  2. HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youth) gives parents the tools, skills, and confidence they need to prepare their children for learning in school. It's for families of children ages 3 to 5 years old. Families learn how to read, write, count and explore their world together. HIPPY sets a good foundation for learning in and out of the classroom. It is being operated under sub-contract by Greater Opportunities for the Permian Basin (GOPB).
  3. Nurse Family Partnership is a Star Care Home Health program that puts first-time moms together with a nurse who makes regular visits to the home. The visits start in the early weeks of pregnancy and continue until the baby turns 2 years old. During these visits, the nurse offers the knowledge and support the mother needs to gain confidence and create a better life for her baby and for herself.
  4. Early Childhood Comprehensive System is an inter-agency coalition with monthly meetings. Coalition members examine school readiness data, which has been collected with the Early Development Instrument in kindergarten classrooms across Ector County. The goal of the coalition is to coordinate and enhance the services that are available to families of young children in Ector County. It is being administered by UTPB.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

  • Awarding Agency: S. Small Business Administration/ NW Texas Small Business Development Center
  • Awarded Amount: $114,750
  • Period: Annual Contract with Texas Tech University
  • Summary: UTPB subcenter will operate in conjunction with the Northwest Texas Small Business Development Center Regional office. UTPB SBDC is responsible for furnishing services to small business in 16 counties.
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