STARs Application Process for Competitive Awards

College Deans interested in applying for recruitment or retention purposes should complete the
applicable coversheet and submit the complete packet to the Associate Vice President for
Research ( for review.

The final application will be submitted by the Associate Vice President for Research.

If awarded, the award will be managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
(ORSP) Post-Award. For questions, please contact ORSP (

The application packet must include a cover sheet when submitting requests for STARs funding:

A resume or CV, three external letters of reference, and a budget justifying the amount
requested must be attached to all proposals. Each request should address the following:

  1. Will the applicant be bringing any research dollars?
  2. What funding agencies are likely to be a target for research proposals?
  3. Provide a general list of equipment and cost estimates.
  4. Include a brief discussion of how the equipment will assist in obtaining research funding.
The application review process is administered through the Associate Vice Chancellor
for Research, Office of Academic Affairs. All awards receive final approval by the
Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

The UT System will establish a process to track and report results to heighten awareness and to
place particular emphasis on promoting diversity in this program.

With each award, the UT System will stipulate the indicators of progress and success for this
funding, and will expect annual reports on this progress. Return of investment (ROI) is an
important criteria considered by the UT System Board of Regents when considering continued
support for this program.

Previous STARs Award Recipients