Model 2025 HTHP Automated Consistometer:

It is engineered to determine the thickening time of well cement under stimulated down-hole pressure up to 25,000 psi and temperature up to 400 °F. It is equipped with a computerized Data Acquisition and Control System. It has a consistency range between 0 and 125 Bc.


Dynamic Linear Swell Meter with Compactor

The Dynamic Linear Swell Meter is designed to simultaneously test drilling fluids effects on formation samples for extended periods of time at a temperature up to 180°F. The drilling fluid is dynamic and it is circulated constantly around the sample.

Model 40 Stirred Fluid Loss Tester

The Model 40 Stirred Fluid Loss Tester provides a reliable means of determining the fluid loss characteristics of well cements. It can condition and test cement slurries under high temperature up to 450°F and high pressure up to 2,000 psi in accordance with API Spec 10 guidelines.