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What services are available?

Instructional Designers provide one-on-one consultations, offer workshops to a grouap of faculty and conduct quality reviews. Consultations occur in person, in the faculty member’s office, or via web-conference. Group workshops are delivered online and face-to-face. Quality reviews are evaluated online.

One-on-one Consultations

Instructional Designers are available to meet individually with faculty members to discuss course mapping, accessibility standards and course design.  The focus of the consultation is based upon the needs of the faculty. Currently, Instructional Designers are prepared to consult with faculty on the following topics: 

  • Course mapping - Align learning outcomes with course activities and assessments to maximize the impact on learning.
  • Accessibility (Universal Design) - Recognize challenges students encounter and develop accessible content to improve course design.
  • Instructional Design Quick Start - Improve course navigation by adopting an existing layout and/or modifying an existing layout to the course content.

Consultations may be scheduled in 30-75 minute blocks.

Group Workshops

Instructional Designers provide group consultations for faculty in collaborative spaces to share experiences and celebrate successes.  Currently, the Instructional Designers are prepared to offer the following workshops:

  • Introducing the Quality Matters Standards – Practice applying the Quality Matters standards.
  • Lunch & Learn – Topics may be customized for each department at each college.
  • Feedback and Engagement – Practice crafting feedback that is encouraging, impactful and engaging.

Group workshops may be scheduled in 30-90 minute time blocks.

Quality Review

Instructional Designers provide reviews to facilitate inclusion and access to course resources. Currently, Instructional Designers host the following review:

  • Internal Course Review- Instructors and Instructional Designers reflect on course design and engage in a collaborative review process. 

Quality reviews may take a minimum of 4 weeks to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I schedule time with an Instructional Designer?

A: Using the following link, Meet Your Instructional Designer, to schedule a meeting with an Instructional Designer.

Q: Am I required to work with an instructional designer?

A: Instructional Designers are required for an initial design meeting and course review for online courses only. Online courses are also required to earn a score of “Met” on The Quality Checklist before the course is scheduled and must earn a score of “Met” on the Quality Review (internal course reviews or reviews conducted by Academic Partnerships) before course delivery.  

Instructional designers are also prepared to assist faculty teaching online, hybrid or face-to-face courses.