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Information Systems Program

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Skilled people in computer systems analysis are on demand. A degree in information systems provides the skills to help businesses grow in an evolving technological landscape. If you are passionate about technology and technical solutions, this is the degree path for you.

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Why Information Systems at UTPB?

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There are thousands of tech companies in the United States alone



The top 4 categories for technology are software, hardware, telecom, and IT.

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Businesses allocate millions of dollars every year to budgets that are used for tech initiatives

Why should I study information systems? 

Information systems is a dynamic field focused on adapting to changing technologies for businesses. The demand for experts in this field is growing faster than all other occupations combined. A degree in information systems can also be used to improve technologies for public and private organizations.

What are my job prospects?

Students who major in infomation systems have the opportunity to work in careers such as: 

  • Network Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Manager
  • Programmer

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

Information systems students learn a blend of theory, practical, and hands-on experience. Students also learn systems analysis design, database management, application development, and programming concepts. 

UTPB teaches students how to help organizations coordinate their data and systems-related activities. The overall goal is to help organizations acheive their technological goals. 

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