Students practicing CPR

To be a part of this partnership program, students should first be accepted to the MBA program following normal UT Permian Basin admissions requirements. 

Students would then apply to UT Health using a streamline application process.

UT Permian Basin MBA Program and UTHealth School of Public Health Graduate Certificate in Public Health 

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Application Process 

The UTHealth School of Public Health Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services receives and processes all applications to the School of Public Health's degree-seeking programs. The admission coordinators use the centralized Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS) EXPRESS application for applicant processing. 

Application Deadlines 

Fall: July 1 

Spring: November 1 

Summer: April 1 

Who Should Apply 

Current UT Permian Basin MBA students who have an interest in public health or healthcare

How To Apply

  1. Complete an application to the program via SOPHAS EXPRESS - $50 Application Fee 
  2. Submit All Required Documentation 
    • One letter of reference from Dr. Jose Huerta
      • Applicants are to list Dr. Jose Huerta at as their recommender who will provide a statement in support of the applicant on behalf of the MBA program. 
    • All (unofficial or official) post-secondary and professional school transcripts
    • GRE/MCAT scores are not required
  3. Submit a statement of purpose 
    • The statement should address the following questions: 
      • Why are you interested in public health? 
      • What are your public health interests? 
      • Why are you interested in UTHealth School of Public Health? 
    • Applicants are encouraged to comment on any or all of the following: 
      • Plans to use education or training 
      • Needs and/or challenges perceived as important in the field of study 
      • Personal qualities, characteristics, and skills that will enable success
    • Statements of Purpose and Objectives are run through SafeAssign to detect cases of unoriginal work. 


  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited school. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are preferred, but the transcripts, goal statement, work experience, and reference letters of applicants with lower GPAs will also be reviewed for evidence of the potential to succeed in the program. 
  • Demonstrated math competency 
  • Excellent English language skills