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Undergraduate Certification Areas

The UT Permian Basin College of Education is authorized by the Texas Education Agency to prepare teachers in the following areas for certification with a Bachelor’s degree. Our advisors can help you find the areas that best match your abilities and interests, and give you the best chances for employment.

Students seeking certification for grades EC-3, EC-6, or 4-8 will major in Multidisciplinary Studies. (A major in Child & Family Studies is also possible for EC-3, but may require more time.) Students seeking certification for grades EC-12 or 7-12 will major in the teaching field.

Certification Areas


  • Early Childhood EC-3 (grades PK-3)
  • Core Subjects EC-6 (grades PK-6)
  • Optional supplements in Bilingual (Spanish), ESL, or Special Education


  • Core Subjects 4-8 (includes English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • English Language Arts and Reading 4-8
  • Math 4-8
  • Science 4-8
  • Social Studies 4-8
  • English Language Arts, Reading & Social Studies 4-8
  • Mathematics & Science 4-8
  • Optional supplements in Bilingual (Spanish), ESL, or Special Education


  • Chemistry 7-12
  • English Language Arts/Reading 7-12
  • History 7-12
  • Life Science 7-12
  • Math 7-12
  • Physical Science 6-12
  • Science 7-12
  • Social Studies 7-12
  • Speech 7-12
  • Optional supplements in ESL or Special Education

ALL LEVEL (Grades EC-12)

  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • LOTE: Spanish
  • Special Education

Maximum Age of Education Courses

The maximum age of education courses to be used for certification purposes is five years. Courses more than five years old may be applied upon the written approval of the Dean, if there are extenuating circumstances that would warrant such an exception.

Certification Testing Requirements

Candidates for teacher certification must pass appropriate Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES): one or more tests in the content area, and one test in pedagogy and professional responsibilities. Candidates seeking a supplemental certification (bilingual, ESL, or special education), must also pass the test(s) for that supplemental area.

Candidates who are seeking to take TExES tests through UT Permian Basin must, prior to approval, demonstrate their preparedness on representative pretests. Coursework or tutoring will be recommended and may be required for students who are unsuccessful on pretests.

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