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 How do I know if I have received Falcon Free?
  • Most students who receive Falcon Free will see a Falcon Free grant or a Falcon Free scholarship in their financial aid package. Some students will already receive enough Pell Grant and Texas Grant to cover their tuition and fees.
If I have Falcon Free and scholarships, can I use the scholarships for other college expenses like campus housing and books?
  • It is possible that a student might have an additional scholarship (such as an athletic scholarship) that can be applied toward housing or other expenses.  
When will I know if I’ve received Falcon Free?
  • Students will know if they have received Falcon Free by August 1 and will receive an email to their UTPB email address, and they can always check their status at  
If I’m on a waitlist, how do I get moved off the waitlist?
  • Students are moved off the waitlist as funds become available based on the date they requested to be added to the waitlist. Students can add themselves to the waitlist by filling out this form.  
How do I know I’ve been put back in the Falcon Free awarded category?
  • Students will receive a revised award letter by email at their UTPB email address.  
Why is there a waitlist for Falcon Free?
  • The Falcon Free award is removed for students who do not meet the initial acceptance deadline (May 15 for new students and June 15 for continuing students, or two weeks after notification). A student in this situation who decides to enroll can be placed on the waitlist to have their Falcon Free award reinstated.  
Are there other financial aid options available?
  • YesStudents will still receive a financial aid package with other awards (such as Pell Grant, Texas Grant, optional student loans, etc.).   
Is there an appeal process?
  • Students are invited to appeal and explain their situation further when they complete the wait list form or email  
What are the key dates when decisions will be made?
  • Waitlist decisions will be made by August 1.