Withdrawing from the Semester

What Happens if I Withdraw from the Semester (Drop All Classes)?

Dropping classes or failing to complete and pass registered hours may make you ineligible for financial aid. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain eligibility for financial aid as defined by the UTPB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

More information on UTPB's SAP policies

In addition, if you drop below half-time enrollment you may be required to begin paying back your student loans. Please contact financial aid directly as your situation may vary.

If you officially withdraw, cease attendance or are administratively withdrawn from UTPB, federal regulations require post-secondary institutions to calculate the amount of federal financial aid funds earned during the term from which you withdrew. It is possible you will owe a repayment of unearned financial aid funds to the university if you cease enrollment prior to the sixty percent (60%) completion point of any enrollment period for which you received federal financial aid funds. All financial aid funds will be canceled if your withdrawal is prior to the first day of classes or if you never attend.

To Withdraw from the Semester (Drop All Courses)

Students wanting to withdraw from the semester (drop ALL courses for the semester) PRIOR to the first day of the term, would do so with the Registrar's Office.

Students receiving financial aid must also contact Financial Aid & Scholarships before dropping a class or withdrawing. Students receiving student loans may be required to complete loan exit counseling with a financial aid counselor before they are permitted to withdraw. Loan exit packets may also be mailed to students.