First-Year Seminar

College is an adventure. Here’s your guidebook.

Your success in college is our mission. That’s why we’ve designed the First-Year Seminar.

Every first-time-in-college student at UT Permian Basin must take the First-Year Seminar—a semester-long class, 50 minutes in length, that meets twice a week. It will teach you the skills, resources, and techniques for making the most of your time at UTPB.

Who Takes the First-Year Seminar?

All new, first-time college students. Note: This includes dual credit students who earned college credits before arriving at UTPB.

Pursue Your Interests (and Make New Friends)

During your First-Year Seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to join groups of students and professors who share your academic and extra-curricular interests. We call these “Freshman Interest Groups” (FIGs) and “Special Interest Groups” (SIGs).

In the Fall 2019 semester, the following interest groups will include:

  • Freshman Seminar - for students who want a deeper and more general introduction to UT Permian Basin and university life
  • Petroleum Engineering - for students who want to learn what’s included in this growing field
  • Music - for students considering majoring in music to learn about the many career opportunities available after graduation
  • Health Professionals - for students who want a career in medicine
  • Mechanical Engineering -  for students who want to learn how diverse and exciting this field can be
  • Business - a seminar for students interested in finance, accounting, management, marketing, and any business-related field
  • Pre-Nursing - for students who want to explore the growing and life-changing field of nursing
  • Film Studies - for students who want to examine cinema, how stories translate to book and film, and how movies influence society
  • Kinesiology - for students who want to become athletic trainers, occupational therapists, or physical therapists
  • Art + Creative Practices - for students who want to learn how to create art, generate ideas, critique art, and develop finer skills and imaginative thinking
  • Leaders and Leadership - for students who want to explore the history of mass social movements throughout history and how they’re led
  • “Try the World” - for students who want to travel the world and soak up other cultures
  • “Past, Present, and Future” - for students who want to discover how their past connects to their present, and how their present can launch them into future success
  • AVID Education - for anyone who’s considering a career in education

NOTE: The First-Year Seminar is not offered during spring semesters.


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