Falcon Day students on a campus tour

What if the course I need requires in-person attendance, but I have legitimate health and safety concerns about coming on campus?

At this time, students who are concerned about taking in-person/on-campus courses in the fall should register for 100-percent online courses. If, however, the course students require for their program of study is not being offered 100 percent online in the fall, students may request (after registration for the required scheduled course), through a request portal, an academic modification from their professor who will work with them individually so they may complete the class remotely. (Please Note: Students requiring (a) remote course(s), based on a matter related to an ADA disability, must contact the Office of ADA for Students at: ada@utpb.edu.) It is extremely important for students to consult with their academic advisers if they are considering this option. International students must connect with Diana Ortiz (ortiz_d@utpb.edu) in International Student Support Services about moving to on-line classes. Additionally, students should apprise their instructor of any changing circumstances that arise during the semester that may impact their ability to meet stated course requirements, including in-class attendance.

What if a face-to-face instructor falls sick and is unable to attend to their classes? Will the course continue?

In the event the instructor is unable to continue his/her class(es) for any reason, the University will make arrangements to continue the course so that students’ academic progress will not be adversely affected.

What will happen if a student refuses to wear a mask?

You can report problems at COVID19@utpb.edu. The Dean of Students office will handle student discipline.  We will begin with friendly reminders for all who are reported. Then, if the refusal continues, there will be progressive discipline. Discipline for repeat offenders could include requiring online coursework. 

What if I need to drop a course?

While we hope you will work with our Student Success team if you are experiencing problems, we understand that some students may need to drop a course. Please contact the Office of Academic Advising to begin this process. They will review your degree plan with you, then send you to your professor for final approval to drop. Once you have those two approvals, the Registrar’s Office can process your request.

If there are any challenges with academic progress, contact your professor; or you can contact the Chief Academic Officer Dr. Dan Heimmermann or the Office of Academic Affairs.

Will the University allow practicums, clinicals etc. through the semester?

Academic programs are working with external agencies (the Board of Nursing, Texas Educational Agency, etc.) and others to make every effort to ensure that students can complete all programmatic and externally mandated requirements during the semester. For specific questions about these requirements and options, students should consult with their instructor and/or their academic program adviser.

Will COVID-19 related absences be excused?

Students who are unable to attend a class (for any reason) should contact their professor, if possible, in advance of any class(es) to be missed. Faculty are committed to working with students who experience unforeseen hardships--including COVID-19 related issues—that prevent their ability to be come to campus.

What is the impact on a student’s grades?

Students who are symptomatic will be supported by the Dean of Students Office. Professors are ready to work with students who need academic support due to illness. Students who test positive but are asymptomatic can attend class remotely.

If a student is supposed to do an internship, what happens now? Especially if employees are working from home at the company where the student planned to intern?

It depends on the company. Some are proceeding with internships and others are cancelling or deferring them. Career Services will work with students on a case by case basis.

Will fall commencement be held in-person?

We will not host an in-person commencement ceremony in December. We hope to invite graduates back to campus when we can safely host a ceremony. Graduates will receive a special surprise in the mail to commemorate and celebrate their achievement. We will also share that celebration on social media. We will host a commencement drive on Saturday, August 22nd where graduates and their families can join President Woodley on a stage, in a socially distanced way, and have the traditional graduation photo taken.