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Computer Use

The University of Texas Permian Basin makes library workstations available to students, faculty, and staff, and sometimes the general public in order to provide access to electronic library collections and other information resources for the purpose of supporting learning and research. The intent of these rules, policies, and procedures is to ensure that facilities and limited resources are used most effectively to benefit the greatest number of academic users -- specifically and especially currently enrolled UTPB students. Proof of identity is required to be available on request.

Misuse of Stations: Library workstations may not be used for commercial purposes and must be used in compliance with state and federal laws [See: Texas Penal Code, Chapter 33, Computer Crimes]. Users of UTPB library workstations who are in violation of the policy and/or of state and federal laws may be subject to legal, disciplinary, or other appropriate action including the loss of access to the workstations and/or the library itself.

Library users cannot install software on the workstations and must save their files to a USB drive. Any files saved to the hard drive will be automatically deleted when the workstation is rebooted. Library staff will not install or aid in the installation of software on workstations or laptops.


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