Intramurals are on-campus sports and games that allow you to stay physically fit, meet your fellow Falcons, and learn a new skill. Our mission is to continually develop new intramural activities that allow every student at UT Permian Basin to have fun, make friends, and experience college life beyond the classroom.

Intramural Options

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Intramural Rules & Regulations

Purpose and Guidelines

The Intramural Program at UTPB is designed to serve the recreational needs of our campus community. We honor the "everybody plays" philosophy and attempt to match ability levels. Activities are planned to try to meet the contemporary needs of the student body.

While every effort is made to provide quality programs with qualified officials, participants must realize that intramurals also serves as a training ground for someone desiring to learn a new skill such as officiating, timing and scoring, or program management. Participating with an overall attitude of good sportsmanship, friendly competition, and acceptance of imperfection leads to a better experience for all.

Participation and Eligibility

Participation in the Intramural Program is open to all currently enrolled UTPB students, and any staff or faculty member.

Varsity athletes will be limited to the number of varsity players allowed on a roster in that sport. This will be up to the discretion of the Intramural Director.


Fees will be charged where deliberate equipment destruction occurs. The individual(s) causing the destruction will be responsible for replacement costs.

Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of intramural participants, costs for medical attention must be assumed by the participant. Insurance is not provided for injuries sustained during intramural competition.

An accident report will be filled out at the time of an injury sustained during any intramural event.


Championship teams or individuals will receive intramural awards, generally T-shirts. Each event will have rules regarding eligibility for awards. (i.e. number of games participated in, # of shirts per team.)


No protest will be considered if it involves the judgment call of an official, or the question of an official's ability.

If a contest is protested for any other reason, that protest must be submitted in writing to the Campus Recreation Office within 24 hours of the contest. It will then be ruled on by the Campus Recreation Director, Student Assistants, and a committee of 3 students. Decisions of this committee will be final.

Player Conduct

Good sportsmanship is expected of all intramural participants. Verbal and/or physical abuse toward intramural officials, opponents, or teammates will not be tolerated.

Game officials, student assistants, or the intramural director have the right to suspend a player from a game or games, or from further participation in any intramural event if inappropriate conduct occurs. Rules of conduct will be reviewed at the beginning of each new event.