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The transfer credit calculator will save students time and money

The University of Texas Permian Basin is making it easier than ever for students to understand which credits will transfer to UTPB.  With our new transfer credit calculator, students can see in real-time which of their classes transfer. They can use that information to choose the best degree options. The goal: save students time and money, and help them complete their college degree. 

“At UTPB, we are laser-focused on helping more people earn a college degree. This transfer credit calculator allows people to explore options on their own time and get answers to their questions. This is making college more accessible, which I love,” said Senior VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dr. Becky Spurlock. 

UT Permian Basin serves a large body of transfer students. In fact, 46% of students currently enrolled at UTPB are transfer students.  The new transfer credit calculator will simplify the transfer process for many, allowing UTPB to serve the needs of our current and prospective students. 

“The transfer credit calculator will offer a prospective student credit estimates immediately,” said Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Lorinda Tercero. “The calculator also provides “best-fit” major recommendations and support with their application to guide them, step-by-step, through the enrollment process. Overall, it will better serve our prospective transfer students, and I believe with this tool, students will want to join the Falcon Family!” 

“About 4 million Texans have some college credit, but no college degree. This new tool helps people figure out how close they are to earning a degree at UTPB, so they can plan a pathway to completion. Helping people turn their credit into a credential allows us to change individual lives while supporting the economic development of the region and the state,” added Spurlock.  

Transfer to UTPB:

A transfer student is defined as any student new to UT Permian Basin who has ever enrolled at another college or university prior to attendance at UT Permian Basin and who has completed 24 or more semester hours of college-level work. Transfer students can apply any time of the year through our online application at by selecting a preferred entry semester/term.

Learn more by visiting our transfer student website.