Dr. Woodley accepts check from Permian Basin Water in Energy Conference advisory board
The PBWIEC Advisory Board has gifted the University a generous $100,000

The Permian Basin Water in Energy Conference has made a significant investment in The University of Texas Permian Basin after its second annual conference. The PBWIEC Advisory Board has gifted the University a generous $100,000 to be used to further the University’s mission. 

“We are thankful for the support of the Permian Basin Water in Energy Conference,” President Dr. Sandra Woodley said. “We at UT Permian Basin understand the value of water in our region and the importance of preserving and protecting it. This conference helps our professors and students not only present their energy research, but it exposes them all to the latest technologies for the future of water exploration and its usage across all facets of the energy industry.”

This year’s PBWIEC, which was co-sponsored by UT Permian Basin and its Business Advisory Board, featured experts from across the country representing all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from land owners to seismologists, to speakers from the legal and regulatory side for both New Mexico and Texas. 

PBWIEC’s Year Two speakers included more than 44 business leaders, landowners, oilfield operators, policymakers, researchers and academic leaders discussing best-practices, issues and solutions that support water usage and conservation in the energy industry to PBWIEC’s over 500 registered attendees.

“This conference is important because it is a collaborative academic and industry-related event that looks at real and potential water in energy impacts and considers future solutions regarding how to best conserve, use and manage our precious and finite water resources, Jonna Smoot, PBWIEC – Event Chair said. “Having a well-planned approach to information flowing from UTPB to industry and the community at-large on critical and timely topics, like water in energy, was PBWIEC’s main goal. Our almost all volunteer led organization is proud to partner with UT Permian Basin on this annual conference and we are looking forward to an even better Year Three Conference in 2020.”

 “The idea of starting this kind of conference flowed from the UT Permian Basin Business Advisory Board who felt they needed to be and could be more involved with discussing and solving current and pressing Permian Basin issues. The need for water in the oil and gas industry is huge and the impacts of our usage will be felt for years to come if we do not begin to understand and better manage this resource,” said Jim Woodcock, one of PBWIEC’s founding board members and Conference Chair. “Just look at the number of wells that are slated to be drilled here. With so much of the world’s oil drilling activity occurring in the Permian Basin, we couldn’t sit by and not begin exploring ways to find solutions regarding how to best use and manage water in energy for the future of Texas and our nation.”

The 3rdannual Permian Basin Water in Energy Conference is scheduled for February 18-21, 2020 at the Midland Horseshoe Complex.