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Open Records

The University of Texas Permian Basin is committed to providing customer-friendly service when responding to requests for public information. Because UTPB and the 14 UT institutions are separate entities for purposes of the Texas Public Information Act (the Act), requests for documents must be submitted to the particular institution(s) from which you seek documents. A request to UTPB will only yield responsive documents resident at UTPB Campus. If you are seeking information located at several institutions, a request must be made to each institution and you will receive a separate response from each institution.

Under the Texas Public Information Act, each person is entitled to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees, unless otherwise expressly provided by law. Agency information is public unless it is confidential by law or falls within an exception to the Act. UTS139sets forth procedures The University of Texas System follows for complying with the Act. For more information about the Texas Public Information Act or open records requests, you may wish to refer to the Office of the Attorney General's Public Information Handbook.

UT Permian Basin's Record Management and Retention Policy

Staff Compensation Report

Where to Request Information

A requestor submitting their inquiry via mail, electronic mail or facsimile must send their request to a governmental body's officer for public information or the person designated by that officer in order to trigger the requirements of the Texas Public Information Act.

A request for public information from UT Permian Basin should be directed to:

By Mail: Cesario Valenzuela
Vice President for Business Affairs
The University of Texas Permian Basin
4901 E. University Blvd.
Odessa, Texas 79762

By Electronic
(Subject line of email should read: TPIA)

By Hand Delivery: Attn: Cesario Valenzuela
4901 E. University Blvd. Mesa Building Rm 4220A
Odessa, Texas 79762

If you have questions, please contact UTPB's Public Information Office at (432) 552-2700.

What Your Request Should Include

Requests for records under the Act must be in writing. Including the following information in your request will help ensure that you receive the information you want:

Your name and mailing and/or email address(so we can send you a response)
Your phone number (so we can contact you if we have questions about how to respond to your request)
A list or description of the specific information you are interested in, including relevant time periods. Try to be as specific as possible about the information you are seeking.

Sample Written Request for Information

Under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Government Code, I request access to or copies of ____________________________________. [Include the name of the document or the type of information. You may also request the information in a particular form. For example, a paper copy or on a computer disk.]

I am available to view the documents on the following dates and times: _____________________________.

Please provide the information to me at __________________________.

Costs and Billing

Charges for copies of public information are set by the Office of the Attorney General [22]. In general, if the number of copies in your request is less than 50 pages, the charge will be $0.10 per page plus the cost of postage (or other delivery method, at your request). If the number of copies is more than 50 pages, the charge will be $0.10 per page plus personnel costs necessary to locate, compile and copy the documents. Charges also include the cost of postage.

If the charge for fulfilling your requests exceeds $40.00, we will provide you with an itemized written estimate of the charges and indicate if a less costly alternative is available. You must respond in writing within 10 days after the estimate is sent that you will accept the costs, or that you desire any stated alternative. If no written response is received in the time allowed by law, your request will be considered withdrawn.

If the estimated charge is more than $100.00, the University will generally require a prepaid deposit or bond before providing the information. Also, if you have an unpaid balance of more than $100.00 relating to previous requests, a prepaid deposit or bond will be required.

Information Excepted from Disclosure

Some of the information maintained by The University of Texas Permian Basin may contain information that is subject to the Act or is excepted from disclosure, such as the following:

  • student information/records;
  • medical information/records;
  • driver's license and motor vehicle information;
  • attorney-client communications;
  • attorney work product;
  • documents made confidential by statute;
  • documents claimed to be proprietary by a third party (trade secret information).

If you want to review or obtain copies of the information excepted from disclosure, it will be necessary for The University of Texas System to request an Attorney General's opinion about this information. This information will not be available for review until after the Attorney General makes a decision about whether the information is to be disclosed. The Attorney General's office has approximately 12 weeks to make a decision on whether the information is to be disclosed.