Work Orders

Physical Plant receives work requests from a wide variety of sources within the University. They should be entered via SchoolDude by the departmental Administrative Assistant or assigned personnel.

Pertinent data on the scope of the job is requested on the work order. Please fill out the SchoolDude dorm in its entirety if at all possible. This will allow work to be completed in a more efficient order.

When a work order is received it is assigned to the appropriate staff member for completion. The work team is expected to complete their assigned work orders in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Physical Plant employees accurately record the time spent completing a work order due to the possibility of charging the requestor for time and/or materials. The time recorded in 15-minute increments per individual employee involved in the completion of the request. This time includes gathering any tools, materials, and transportation to and from the job site. 

When Physical Plant must complete a work order in a specific time frame, a date and/or time must be given when turning in the request. Arrival of the work order request to the Physical Plant office is essential in getting the work completed in a timely manner. If it is not possible to meet the specified time frame requested, it will be completed at the earliest time possible.