• Four newly remodeled laboratories in the Science and Technology building at UTPB
  • Offices for faculty, staff and students
  • Animal facility - current facility for animals is in the ST building
  • Biology common equipment room - a common room that houses expensive equipment and/or shared equipment. A few examples include ultracentrifuge, autoclave, cell sorter, Q-PCR equipment and fluorescence microscope
  • Common equipment room in chemistry, ICP, IC, GCMS, AA, DSC, UV, IR,
  • Specialty rooms and equipment such as SEM, NMR, X-Ray and Confocal Microscope

Biomedical Research Equipment

Olympus Confocal Microscope

Tissue Culture Incubator Hood

Plate Reader

Beckham Ultracentrifuge 

Leica Tissue Processor 

PCR and QuantStudio qPCr System

Tissue-Tek TEC Embedding Center

HM525 NX Cryostat

Nano Drop 8000

Eppendorf Centrifuge