• Researchers will seek individual and collaborative external grants with the center facilitating their research.
  • Consulting - consulting services can be offered based on the expertise of the faculty and the demand
  • Organized training programs will be available for researchers and students.
  • The BRC will provide education through research, training and mentoring. Student research opportunities are available in biology, chemistry at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The center will help support RAs for the Masters in Biology that focus on the Biomedical Sciences.
  • The UTPB Biomedical Research Center will provide support to students and faculty in performing research. 
  • The UTPB Biomedical Research Center will disseminate high quality research and grant deliverables.
  • UTPB is the only four-year university in the Odessa Midland area. This center will greatly enhance the opportunity for students to engage in high- quality biomedical research and train in the field of health and research sciences.