Dual Credit/ECHS Registration

Dual Credit/ECHS Registration

New Student Enrollment Process

  1.  Fill out the Dual Credit application   
  2. Counselors must submit all required documentation below before applications are processed to cress_h@utpb.edu 
  3. TSI (or exemption) scores
  4. High school transcript
  5. Students will receive an email after you have been accepted into the Dual Credit Program. The email will provide instructions on how to enroll in the courses through my.utpb.edu.

Returning Student Enrollment Process

Returning students may register for the approved dual credit classes that had been previously sent to the ISD. The student will go to my.utpb.edu.

How to enroll in classes through www.my.utpb.edu
Username = FalconID such as: (lastname) _ (letter of first initial + 5 digits of your Student ID number)
Password = Will be created on this account claim page

  1. Check to see if you have any holds, if not, you are clear to register.
  2. Search for courses using "Class Search" under my academics tab or directly go to "Enroll in Courses" on the Welcome page under Quick Access on the right side of the page
  3. You can add courses to your Shopping Cart for your Advisor to review. Your Advisor cannot modify your Shopping Cart and the Shopping Cart does not guarantee a place for you in that course.
  4. To add courses, click Enroll in Classes >>> Add >>> Find Classes / Class Search. Enter the course subject (i.e. MNGT) and the course number if you know it (i.e. 3310). To search for "Online Only" courses, select the drop-down menu next to Location and select "9 Online".
  5. Select the desired course. After you have successfully added all of your courses into your Shopping Cart, you will want to click "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" which should be in green and finish the checkout process.
  6. If you cannot pass on and get a red error message, click the read error message. If the course is successfully added, you will see a green check mark and it will be added to your fall 2018 Course Schedule.

School districts will receive an update on which students are enrolled in which courses. School districts may email cress_h@utpb.edu if there are any discrepancies.