Canvas Online Learning

Access UTPB Student Account

New Students Need to Claim Falcon ID

  1. Claim new Falcon ID at http://falconid.utpb.edu using 10-digit Student ID sent to you via email. Example Student ID: 800012345
  2. Set new password for Falcon ID. You create your own password.
    • Type in Student ID
    • Type in Falcon ID
    • Type in Birthdate
    • Type in phone number used on dual credit application (If Applicable)

Canvas Login Information

  1. You use the Falcon ID. Reset password for your Falcon ID at http://falconid.utpb.edu
  2. Go to http://utpb.instructure.com 
  3. Enter Falcon ID
    • Falcon ID is (last name) + (the underscore character) + (first letter of first name) + (last 5 digits of your student ID number).
    • Example Student ID for Jane Doe: 6000123456
    • Example Falcon ID: doe_j23456
  4. Enter password created when you claimed Falcon ID.

Canvas FAQ