Getting Started - Online Checklist

How to Connect to Online Learning

Connection Basics

  1. Check your current e-mail account or UTPB letter containing your University Identification (UT ID) and details about your PIN number.
  2. Claim your FalconID and set your password at https://falconid.utpb.edu/
  3. Before classes start verify your schedule at utpb.edu using you FalconID and password you setup.
    (Ok to allow display non-secure items on your browser.)
  4. Use utpb.edu for all your academic and accounting information.

IMPORTANT! UTPB email is for all UTPB official business including work. Outlook 365 is used for UTPB email. To login you use your FalconID with the @utpb.edu extension. Email is the only place you have to use @utpb.edu at login. Here you can find more information about Student Computer Accounts.

Before the First Day of Class

  1. Check Your Schedule
    Looking at your schedule in utpb.edu, locate the name of your instructor. The UTPB Directory has every instructor's email account. It's a good practice to send your instructor an email before classes start.
  2. Find Your Course Materials
    Get your course materials before classes start or during the first week of the semester. You can purchase your materials in person at the UTPB Bookstore or online at http://www.utpbshop.comAnother source is the UTPB Syllabi posted under the College and Department at http://general.utpb.edu/VPAA/ief/index.html
  3. Check the Academic Calendar http://www.utpb.edu/services/academic-affairs/office-of-the-registrar/academic-calendar for the first day of class.

On the First Day of Class

To access your online class the first day of the semester:

  1. Go to Course Login https://utpb.instructure.com
  2. Username: lastname_firstinitial+last 5 numbers of UT ID and password you created at utpb.edu
  3. Once you log on, the first day of class you will see your course(s) listed under Courses > All Courses.  To see courses on your Dashboard you must identify classes with stars under Courses > All Courses.

Don't see your class on the Canvas Dashboard?

  • The easiest thing to check while in Canvas is the left-hand menu Courses button and look under All Courses. You need to place a star on your course for it to appear on the Dashboard. Any class you have registered for that is in a future or past term will appear under All Courses. Handy to know!
  • Check the Academic Calendar to confirm the date the term starts. Still no course?
  • Recheck your schedule in utpb.edu to confirm your enrollment.

See your course but the link does not work?

Your instructor may not have published the course in Canvas yet. Send an email to the instructor if the first day of class has arrived and online course has not appeared.

Plan for Success

  • For Canvas training, check Canvas Student Tutorial to help you prepare for your online course.
  • For more quick tips, visit Help & Resources on the left-hand menu, see the Canvas FAQs or the Learning Online Orientation.
  • Once you're in your course, start with the Syllabus. Look for a Start Here section, some classes have the Syllabus there.
  • Read the Syllabus carefully to learn about expectations, assignments, and due dates which begin the first week of class. Navigate around in the course to get familiar with where things are located.
  • Keep a copy of scheduled assignments/tests due dates next to the computer you will use for your coursework.
  • Use Canvas Notifications for alerts to your device when there are new messages, announcements, etc.
  • Expect to work just as hard in your online class as you would in a face-to-face on campus course.
  • Pace yourself. Divide work by the number of weeks or days you have before a deadline.
  • Complete your online tests/assignments early! Waiting until the last minute to submit tests/assignments may cause you to miss deadlines.
  • Have a backup plan in case your computer fails. Use a friend's computer, go to a library, or locate on open computer lab on campus.

Need help? Don't wait!

Technical problems will occur. Be patient. You have options for help

  • Call Canvas Help 24/7at 1- 866 437-0867 (toll free)
  • Use Helpin Canvas for Chat/Submit a ticket
  • Contact UTPB at help@utpb.edufor utpb.edu and UTPB email problems
  • Email reach@utpb.edu if you are totally lost about where to go for help. REACH staff are here to help.