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Student presenting in front of class

Your professional and personal success is deeply linked to your ability to effectively communicate. We live in a world where everyone is connected, which makes intentional communication and clarity more important than ever. We are dedicated to developing the skills you need to communicate meaning clearly and impactfully through public speaking, writing, multimedia, and to social media.

What can I do with a Communications degree?

The B.A. in Communication is a flexible degree that opens the door to a variety of careers across all industries. You’ll learn to translate your writing, research, and presentation skills into marketable assets. Those skills will make you the perfect candidate for a job in advertising, public relations, marketing, telecommunications, corporate communications, journalism, and more.

Students seeking a major in Communication learn critical thinking skills and complex problem-solving skills. They learn to analyze communication problems and behaviors, audiences, and rhetorical situations and build teamwork and leadership skills. Communication transferable skills include active learning, active listening, critical thinking, reading comprehension, speaking, writing, emotional intelligence, and complex problem solving.

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